17 Girly Apartment Decor Ideas to Transform Your Apartment 

This article is all about girly apartment decor.

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If you just moved into your first ever big girl apartment, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of new space that you suddenly have all to yourself. 

Now that you have the privilege of decorating your own living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more, why not take advantage of this opportunity and transform your new living space into the ultimate girl’s apartment? 

No matter whether you prefer a coquette, minimalist, retro, preppy, or cottagecore aesthetic, we’ve rounded up 17 of our favorite college girl apartment decor ideas, perfect for creating your ideal girly apartment aesthetic. 

With these ideas, your apartment is going to be the envy of all of your girlfriends!

Here are 17 Girly Apartment Decor Ideas to Transform Your Apartment

Living Room

1. Framed Art

A gallery wall is one of our favorite ways to get the ultimate girly apartment aesthetic. 

The best part about a gallery wall is that you can customize it to fit your personal interior design aesthetic, personal style, and personality. 

It’s the perfect way to show off your favorite artwork, prints, concert posters, playbills, photos, postcards, and any other frameable object!

2. Statement Rug

If you’re looking for an easy decoration item that will pull your overall living room aesthetic together, you can’t go wrong with a statement rug. 

We’re obsessed with the graphic squiggles and bold colors of this pink and red rug. 

It’s a bold, colorful, and attention grabbing piece of decoration, but it also helps tie together other pale pink and bold red elements in the rest of the room, like the framed art and throw pillows! 

3. Statement Bookshelf

If you’re a book lover, you can’t go wrong with a statement bookshelf as a central part of your living room decor. 

These floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are perfect because they do double duty as both storage and decor. 

Our favorite ways to zhuzh up a bookshelf include color coding your books on the shelves and sprinkling the bookshelf with extra decor items, like plants, speakers, framed photos, and little tchotchkes! 

4. Study Nook

If the layout of your apartment living room includes a weird little corner or nook, that’s the perfect place to put a study nook! 

With just a small desk, a chair, a lamp, and some wall-mounted shelves, you can create the perfect study space!


1. Bar Cart

A bar cart is one of our favorite college girl apartment decor ideas that combines storage with decoration. 

It’s the best way to store your alcohol AND show off any cute glassware, mugs, or other aesthetically pleasing dishware. 

We especially love the lava lamp sitting on top of this bar cart—it adds an unexpected, colorful, and fun touch to the overall kitchen!

2. Pastel Pink Kitchen

This pastel pink kitchen has the girly apartment aesthetic of our dreams. 

We’re obsessed with the way that the backsplash coordinates with the pastel pink cabinets and wall shelf. 

However, even if you can’t renovate your apartment kitchen to be pastel pink, you can still take inspiration from the monochromatic, bubblegum pink kitchen accessories in this picture. 

We’re especially enamored by the matching pink salt and pepper grinders, the pink spatulas, the pink teacups, and the strawberry kettle that adds a much needed pop of red!

3. Sunny Breakfast Nook

Your apartment kitchen might not have room for a full dinner table, but you can definitely still set up a sunny breakfast nook that’s the perfect place to enjoy a meal, hang out with friends, or even study. 

We especially love the way that this breakfast nook is surrounded by verdant hanging plants, making your kitchen look bright and cheery all year round. 

4. Spice Shelf

If your apartment kitchen is running low on cabinet space, try making your own spice shelf using some wall-mounted shelves. 

For an extra aesthetically pleasing touch, gather up a bunch of mason jars, slap some labels on them, and use them as containers for things like spices, flour, and sugar.


1. Cheeky Wall Art

When you’re picking out wall art to decorate your apartment, your bathroom might slip your mind. 

We’re here to remind you that your bathroom deserves some college girl apartment decor, too! 

We especially love this peach print framed wall art, the perfect finishing touch to any apartment bathroom.

2. Wall-Mounted Shelves

Add a little extra storage space to your bathroom with some wall-mounted shelves. 

These shelves are the perfect spot to store your stash of skincare, makeup, and fragrance. 

They also make the perfect spot to put some little tchotchkes and decorations that spruce up your bathroom, like succulents, diffusers, or art!

3. In-Shower Storage

If your shower is too small for you to fit your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, shaving supplies, and more, take inspiration from this in-shower storage solution. 

These shower caddies attach to the wall or to your showerhead, giving you plenty of room to store your stuff. 

Plus, the sprigs of eucalyptus hanging from the showerhead will transform your shower into a spa-like aromatherapy experience. 

4. Bathboard

If you’re lucky enough to have an apartment bathroom with a bathtub, a bathboard is an easy way to transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa experience. 

A bathboard balances across the edges of your tub, giving you a little extra storage for your toiletries. 

Plus, while you take a bath, it’s the perfect place to put soothing amenities like an essential oil diffuser, scented candle, or a book to read while you soak!


1. Wicker Divider

This wicker divider single girl apartment decor idea is especially perfect if you live in a studio apartment. 

Setting up one or two of these adorable, cottagecore-inspired wicker dividers is a great way to divide up your apartment space and make it feel like it has several rooms, even if it really doesn’t. 

2. Super Chunky Weighted Blanket

If coziness is your number one priority, you’ll love a super chunky, knitted weighted blanket. 

If you struggle with insomnia or anxiety, a weighted blanket can work wonders for helping you feel more grounded. 

If you know how to knit or crochet, you can even try making your own super chunky weighted blanket using specially made extra chunky yarn!

3. Disco Ball Decor

If you’re looking for single girl apartment decor options that will lend your room a quirky, fun-loving vibe, you can’t go wrong with a disco ball! 

This decorating idea is especially perfect for people whose bedrooms get a lot of natural light through the windows. 

The sunlight streaming in through your window will reflect off the facets of the disco ball, showering your room with sparkles! 

4. Dangling String Lights

Transform your bedroom into a glittering, ethereal fairy wonderland with some dangling string lights! 

These string lights are strung across your ceiling and dangle downwards, giving the effect of stars or fireflies twinkling through the air. 

If your room also has a ceiling light fixture, finish off the look with a paper lampshade over the ceiling light, to make sure that all the light sources in your room share the same vibe and aesthetic. 

5. Dainty Bedside Table

Your bedside table is one of the most crucial, but also underrated parts of your bedroom decor. 

If you’re into a super feminine, girly, coquette aesthetic, you should definitely take inspiration from this dainty bedside table. 

The table itself is small, perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a ton of square footage to work with. 

However, on top, it features a beautiful array of pastel pink essentials and decorations!

If you feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of decorating your new apartment, look no further! 

We’ve gathered up our favorite girly apartment decor ideas, which are sure to provide the perfect inspiration for your new bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and more. 

With any one of these ideas, your apartment is about to become the girly, aesthetically pleasing sanctuary of your dreams. 

THIS POST SHOWED YOU 17 Girly Apartment Decor Ideas to Transform Your Apartment.