10 Best Dorm Room Storage Ideas | Best Dorm Room Storage Ideas For Your Freshman Dorm

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This post is about dorm room storage ideas.

Your dorm room is probably going to be the smallest space you ever live in. You essentially get a desk, closet, bed… and that’s it. If you’re lucky you’ll get a small living room space, and maybe room for a futon.

In my dorm room, I wasn’t even allowed to loft my bed. So, I had no sitting area, and just had a bed, closet, 4 dresser drawers, and a desk.

When it comes to storage, more is… more! The more storage solutions that you have, the better!

This post goes over my favorite, budget friendly dorm room storage ideas. Essentially, make sure everything has a dual purpose – just like if you were living in a tiny house. Because you are.

Here’s 10 dorm room storage… solutions!

Dorm Room Storage Ideas

1. Under Bed Storage Containers

Rolling under bed storage containers are fantastic for keeping bulkier clothing items, extra bedding, or extra shoes. I used mine to keep sweatshirts, extra jackets, and an extra inflatable mattress I kept in my dorm for guests.

I personally had 3 containers, and I used all of them! Gauge how many you’ll need before making the purchase, they’re a little more expensive.

2. Over Door Shoe Holder

An over door shoe holder is not just for shoes!

Keep dry goods in them, hair tools, anything that will fit in the shoe spaces. Utilizing vertical space is essential for college dorm room storage!

3. Three-Tier Cart/Nightstand

A three tier cart is a college dorm room storage essential!

I think a lot of people don’t think of also using this as a nightstand, but it is the perfect size and height for a dorm bed nightstand. I keep the top of mine empty for use as my nightstand, and the second shelf is used for books and bottom shelf for an extra blanket.

Here’s my favorite three-tier carts.

4. Closet Organizer

If there’s one thing that’s hard to organize, it’s college dorm room closet storage. I recommend utilizing vertical space as much as possible, and that’s best done with a hanging closet organizer!

Here’s a couple of my favorites.

5. Bedside Caddy

Bedside caddies are especially useful if you have a lofted bed. Use them to keep your phone charger, a book or two, glasses case, etc.

6. Extra Bins

When planning my dorm room storage ideas, I just got 3 extra storage bins. They sure came in handy! You’ll end up with a lot of loose stuff in a lot of places, and putting that stuff in a bin is a great way to instantly organize.

7. 3,6,9 Cube Organizer

A cube organizer is probably the most useful organization tool I can recommend for your college dorm room. Use a 9 cube organizer as a TV stand, 6 cube organizer as a nightstand, 3 cube organizer for general storage.

You can also get your cube organizers in the accent color of your dorm, to add another pop of color!

8. Desk Drawer Dividers

Your desk most likely has a long, slim drawer under most of the desk. This is a great place to store things, but it desperately needs dividers to store things in an organized manner!

9. Plastic Drawer Organizer

Alongside a cube organizer and some under bed storage containers, I was able to half loft my bed and had space for another storage organization tool. I got a rolling, 3 drawer organizer and used it to store all of my food that I kept in my dorm for quick meals.

10. Fridge Bins and Dividers

Fridge organization is an absolute essential! It’s very easy to organize, especially if you order some bins and dividers right from the beginning.

I also use labels and dates, which helps to reduce food waste and save myself some money!

This post showed you 10 dorm room storage organization ideas.

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