Cutest College Dorm Room Tapestry Ideas | 12 Cutest College Dorm Room Tapestry Ideas

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This post is about college dorm room tapestry ideas.

College dorm room walls are so bare, and sad looking.

It can get expensive to invest in a ton of wall decor, and a tapestry is a great way to make up for a lot of space in your college dorm room.

Tapestries come in all types of colors and patterns, and can be the focal point of any college dorm room theme.

Dorm room tapestries hang easily with command strips, and look stunning with fairy lights!

Here’s 12 of the cutest dorm room tapestry ideas for your college dorm.

Dorm Room Tapestry Ideas

1. Pink Bohemian

Source: Amazon

Pink is a stunning color for any dorm room, and is especially cute against a gray or white bedspread.

Get this tapestry:

2. Mountain Range

Source: Amazon

I love how this tapestry is decorated with fairy lights!

The mountains are one of my favorite places to be, and this tapestry reminds me instantly of them. If you have an outdoor theme for your dorm room, or enjoy spending time outdoors, this is the perfect tapestry!

Get this tapestry:

3. Flowers

These flowers are such a cute way to add a botanical element to your college dorm room theme!

I think this tapestry would look amazing with all white bedding, and some floral throw pillows. (Don’t worry, I included my suggestions!)

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4. Yellow

Source: Amazon

Yellow is such a cute color to decorate a dorm room in, and I wish I had picked yellow for my dorm room theme!

I love how bright and happy this tapestry looks just in this picture, and it will make your dorm room look the same!

Get this tapestry:

5. Paint Pour

Source: Amazon

To me, this tapestry looks just like a paint pour!

If you’re a fan of this type of art, this tapestry is perfect for you. However, I would keep the rest of the dorm room more neutral since this tapestry has so much going on and is so colorful.

Get this tapestry:

6. Sunflowers

Source: Amazon

Just like the yellow tapestry and the floral tapestry, this sunflower tapestry ties those two themes together perfectly!

This is another great statement piece, and I think is perfect for a white+yellow+green theme dorm room.

Get this tapestry:

7. Blue Watercolor World

Source: Amazon

If you love travelling or have a passion to travel, this is the perfect tapestry for your college dorm room.

Since this tapestry has a lot of white in it, it’s perfect to match a blue themed dorm room!

Get this tapestry:

8. Moon Phases

Source: Amazon

I love this tapestry! It adds such a cute aesthetic to any dorm room.

This tapestry is a little more dark, so I would recommend keeping the bedding and other accent pieces in your dorm room light.

9. Letter to Sam

Source: Amazon

This was so so so funny and I can’t believe that made it into a tapestry. If you want to have some humor in your dorm room, add this tapestry!

Oh, and don’t worry, there’s also a tapestry of Snooki’s mugshot.

Get them here:

10. Rose Gold and Marble

Source: Amazon

This rose gold and marble tapestry is so cute, especially for a dorm room with a rose gold or gold and white theme.

Get it here:

11. Banana Leaf

Source: Amazon

This banana leaf tapestry is perfect for a dorm room that has a lot of natural light, a white theme, and lots of plants!

Get it here:

12. Ocean Sunset

Source: Amazon

Going to college somewhere cold and snowy? This tapestry is perfect to bring a little bit of the beach into your dorm room year round.

Or, even if you live somewhere on the beach, bring the beach inside to warm up your dorm room a bit with a beach sunset!

Get this tapestry:


Here’s my favorite fairy lights, and command strips to hang the tapestry in any dorm room. A must have for every single tapestry!

Fairy Lights

Command Strips

This post showed you 12 college dorm room tapestry ideas.

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