12 College Dorm Room Food Essentials | The Best Dorm Room Foods

Switching from a healthy high school home diet to a “picking out what looks edible in the dining center” diet tends to mess with your body. You’ll find yourself supplementing with cooking in your freshman year dorm room – a lot.

Over my freshman year of college, I realized I liked to keep the same foods in my dorm room for quick snacking, and full blown meals if needed.

These are the best foods to keep in your dorm, in my opinion! I loved all of them, and always had them around.

Here’s 12 college dorm room food essentials.

Dorm Room Food Essentials

1. Ramen

Ramen is such a staple in college dorm rooms, and it’s actually really good to have around.

When I’m in a pinch and have absolutely nothing else to eat, I’m usually pretty thankful for my stash of ramen and ramen cooker.

To make it a little more fun, go to the store and get one of every kind of ramen. There’s a lot more flavors than just the typical chicken!

Here’s the ramen cooker I have, it makes a huge difference!

2. Popcorn and Popper

Popcorn is almost as big in college dorms as ramen is. However, continuously buying bags of popcorn gets to be expensive, and really unhealthy.

I switched from bagged popcorn to cooking mine on the stove at home. I realized that it’s just as good, and is pretty easy to make.

Making it in a microwave is even easier! I highly recommend investing in a microwave popcorn cooker. I recommend this one – it collapses for storage!

3. Granola Bars

These are such an essential when you woke up late, are running to class, and have no time for breakfast.

I keep a few in my bag, and throw extras in when I know I’m going to have a long day!

These are my personal favorite.

4. Soup

Keeping cans of soup in your dorm is really convenient, and not all canned soup is super gross.

This makes a quick meal when you are almost completely out of options, too.

I cook soup in these, and then I can take it to go, too!

5. Cereal

Cereal is another really easy dry good to keep in your dorm, and all you need to keep in your fridge is some type of milk to eat it with. If you eat it dry, that’s more room you’re saving!

If you want to be extra fancy, keep your cereal in one of these containers. It helps save room in such a small space, too!

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6. Peanut Butter

Get a big jar of this at the beginning of the semester, and you’re all set until break!

Every week I got something different to eat it with, such as carrots, celery, or bread, and this became one of my favorite snacks.

7. Beverages

This is something that I think was frequently overlooked. My roommate and I always kept some pop in our fridge, and everyone was so surprised and happy when they came over and we had pop – most dorms didn’t have that!

If you don’t drink pop, keep some other crowd pleasing beverage around. your guests will enjoy it!

8. Nuts

Alongside granola bars, keeping some canned nuts is a great idea for a healthy, quick snack.

I love these almonds, and kept them in my backpack all semester!

9. Salsa and Chips

This was a college staple of mine, and was always great when friends came over.

If I was the only one eating the salsa, I would just grab chips out of the bag and dump some salsa in a bowl. With guests, I would make a big bowl of salsa and dump the chips into this large serving bowl!

Pro tip – this bowl is also amazing for your cooked popcorn!

10. Basic Spices

These came in handy constantly, especially to re-season leftover food from a restaurant. I kept salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and italian seasoning.

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11. Olive Oil and Butter

Constantly overlooked, olive oil and butter make a huge difference in reheating pasta, adding to pizza, dipping bread, etc. It’s a good idea to have some around.

Just make sure the expiration date is still awhile out, since you’ll be using these a lot less frequently.

This is a good olive oil that’s not too expensive, and will last quite awhile.

12. Coffee and Tea

The caffeine addiction in college is real. I drink so much coffee now, and never did previously.

Having a Keurig in my room made all the difference when it came to late night study sessions. I really recommend investing in one, and then you can take it to your first apartment, too!

Here’s some at different price points. I had the first one!

This post showed you 12 college dorm room food essentials.

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