The Best Dorm Room Cleaning Schedule | 14 Dorm Room Cleaning Ideas

You’ve moved in to your dorm room, you love your roommate, and you’re so excited.

Or, none of that’s true, your roommate is awful, you hate college and miss your dog.

Either way, your dorm room is probably getting messy. If the second paragraph described you more, I promise it’ll be okay!

Cleaning your dorm room should be a priority, no matter what! A daily, monthly, and weekly schedule will help keep you on task.

Here’s the ultimate dorm room cleaning schedule!

Best Dorm Room Cleaning Schedule


1. Make Your Bed!

This makes a huge difference in your room, and is a great way to start every single day!

You never know when you’ll have guests over, and this way at least you’ll have a made bed you can sit on with them!

2. Keep Your Floor Clean

This is really easy to forget, especially if you’re busy. You would think you see some clothes on your floor, but if you’re really busy, you would be surprised what you miss!

I always would throw clothes on my floor in a major rush – just put your laundry in your hamper! Here are some of my favorites.

3. Keep Your Surfaces Clear

This, like the floor, is another easy area to throw stuff when you’re in a rush.

Keep your desk, nightstand, and tops of dressers clear, so you can use them when you need to!


1. Laundry

Don’t fall behind on this! Do your laundry every week, and try to pick the same day each week based on your schedule.

2. Vacuum

This is another great habit! Dirt piles up a lot faster than you think it does, and it feels nice to know you have a super clean floor.

Pro tip – vacuum while your laundry is in the washer or dryer!

One of these mini vacuums are a must in your dorm room! You’ll hate walking all the way to the rental area to rent one – if there’s even any left!

3. Wipe Down All Surfaces

Dust piles up fast! This is another great habit to get into to keep all of your surfaces clean.

Plus, this helps disinfect your room. Sickness spreads through dorms like wildfire!

4. Toss Expired Food

Take a look in your fridge, and toss food that’s expired.

This might not be necessary for all dorm rooms and fridges, but if you buy a lot of produce, this is a great habit to get into!

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5. Take Out The Trash

This is another one that is easier to pile up than you think.

Take it out on your way to switch your laundry from the washer to the dryer!

6. Lysol Commonly Touched Surfaces

This is a great habit to be in for the entire year, and is especially important when your roommate is sick, but you aren’t!

7. Wash Sheets and Pillowcases

These are much dirtier than you think!

Keeping clean pillowcases helps keep acne down, too.

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1. Deep Clean Fridge

Pull out all your food, wipe down all the shelves, and reorganize based on how quickly food needs to be eaten! ‘

2. Wash Mirrors and Windows

These get dusty and full of fingerprints, but only need to be cleaned about once a month.

Having a full length mirror in your dorm is a must! I hung mine on my wall with a lot of command strips instead of risking it breaking on the back of my door.

3. Wash All Bedding

Throw your throw blankets and comforter in this load too.

You might need to do this twice a month if your comforter ends up being a main sitting area!

4. Organize Closet

Odds are, your closet gets a little jumbled up with your busy lifestyle. Take this time to reorganize everything, and check if there’s anything you can donate.

This post showed you a dorm room cleaning schedule.