19 Cute Summer Party Outfits for Hot Girl Summer

This article is all about summer party outfits.

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It’s finally summer! The days are longer, the temperatures are hotter, and school is finally over. 

If your calendar is filling up with pool parties, graduation parties, work functions, and other summer events, but you have nothing to wear, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve rounded up 19 of our favorite summer party outfit inspiration, with ideas to fit every style preference and party theme. 

Whether you’re looking for casual summer party outfits, work summer party outfits, or the perfect night summer party outfit to turn heads and leave an impression, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are 19 Cute Summer Party Outfits for Hot Girl Summer.

Cute Summer Party Outfits

1. Nautical Stripes

We love wearing stripes all year round, but there’s something so perfect about a nautical-inspired stripe during the summertime. 

Take inspiration from this outfit, which features a button down top with thick, nautical-inspired stripes in blue and navy white. 

These stripes are also super versatile and easy to dress up or down, making them equally perfect for casual summer party outfits as work summer party outfits.

2. Floral Sundress

A floral sundress is one of the most classic summer party outfits of all time.

You can dress it up or down to fit any occasion, making it one of the most versatile items in your closet.

We love the slinky, slip dress silhouette of this dress, which pairs perfectly with the cheery yellow and pink floral print.

3. Leopard Print

Leopard print is having a huge moment this summer—it’s definitely one of our favorite trends of the season!

If you’re looking for a statement wardrobe piece to spice up your outfits this summer, we’re obsessed with these iconic leopard print jeans.

Pair them with an airy, delicate, dainty top for a fun contrasting element!

4. Button Down Vests

If you’re looking for a classy, sophisticated wardrobe piece that screams “quiet luxury,” you can’t go wrong with a button down vest.

These menswear-inspired tops work especially beautifully as part of a work summer party outfit, striking the perfect balance between business casual and breezy summer fun!

5. Chartreuse

Summer is the best time of year to incorporate bright, eye-catching colors into your wardrobe.

Chartreuse is one of our favorite color trends of the season. It’s super bold, bright, and attention grabbing, perfect for the girl who lives to stand out.

If you really want to grab everyone’s attention at your next graduation or garden party, show up in a bold, chartreuse dress like this one!

6. Boxer Shorts

Wearing boxer shorts as pants is one of the hottest trends of the season.

Combine a pair of super laid back, masculine-inspired boxer shorts with a more feminine top for a casual summer party outfit that encapsulates the best of both worlds.

7. Blokette Aesthetic

The blokette aesthetic is one of the most unexpected, unique fashion trends of the past few years.

It combines tomboyish, masculine, soccer-inspired clothing items with the super girly, ultra feminine coquette aesthetic to create a style trend that’s completely new.

This quintessential blokette outfit combines an oversized soccer jersey with a super feminine, lacy skirt, athletic-looking sneakers, and hair bows!

We live for a pair of white linen pants in the summertime.

The best thing about them is that they’re ultra versatile—they work as a swimsuit coverup for a super casual summer party outfit, or you can pair them with a more feminine top for an outfit that’s put together, but still breezy and summery.

9. Office Siren Core

If you’ve got a lot of work summer parties coming up, try taking some inspiration from another of our favorite TikTok fashion aesthetics, office siren core.

It features classic officewear pieces like crisp button down shirts, ties, trousers, and loafers.

However, the slightly off-kilter proportions of each piece, like the slight crop on the button down and the pants, which are a cross between shorts and trousers, make the outfit look super cool and fashion-y.

Jorts are making a HUGE comeback this summer.

We’re obsessed with slightly long, baggy pairs of jorts that add a cool, edgy, tomboy-ish vibe to any outfit.

For balance, pair your baggy jorts with a tighter, more form-fitting, or cropped top!

11. Matching Sets

Matching sets are the perfect option for a night summer party outfit.

This one is especially great because it can easily transition from day to night—you can wear it as a swim coverup or as a super cute two-piece set for a nighttime beach party.

Plus, we love this bold, cerulean blue shade for the summertime.

12. Crochet Accessories

Crochet accessories add the perfect finishing touch to any casual summer party outfit.

We love this checkerboard print crochet bucket hat, which just so happens to incorporate another of our favorite summer fashion trends, chartreuse!

Plus, if learning a new hobby is on your summer bucket list this year, you can even try crocheting your own accessories!

13. Long Flowy Skirts

A long, breezy, flowy skirt is a true wardrobe staple.

For a casual summer party outfit, pair your long flowy skirt with a graphic tee for a look that’s both edgy and feminine.
You can also easily incorporate a long flowy skirt into a night summer party outfit with a more feminine top, like a corset top or a cute bodysuit!

14. Cottagecore Sundress

Summer is also the perfect time to bust out your super girly, romantic, cottagecore-inspired sundresses.

We love the feminine details of this sundress, from the pristine white shade to the puffy sleeves to the ruching on the abdomen.

15. Oversized Printed Button Downs

An oversized printed button down is another wardrobe must-have for summertime.

Take inspiration from this outfit and pair it with jeans and a tiny, cropped top for a summer party outfit that has the perfect proportions.

Like all of our favorite summer wardrobe items, oversized printed button downs are also super versatile—on a beach day, they make the perfect quick swim coverup!

16. Rose Accents

Rosettes have been one of the biggest trends of the past year, and we’re so excited to see the trend continue into summer 2024.

They add a sweet, girly, feminine touch to an otherwise slinky, sexy, skin-baring dress like this one.

If you’re on the hunt for your perfect night summer party outfit, you can’t go wrong with something like this!

17. Athleisure Rompers

Athleisure rompers are one of our favorite summertime wardrobe items.

They’re a whole outfit in one, so they’re super low maintenance, but they still look cute, sporty, and put-together.

Pair one with an oversized button down for a quick, easy, and casual summer outfit!

18. Gingham Print

Gingham print is another of our favorite trends for summer 2024.

It’s sweet, sophisticated, feminine, and just a little vintage-inspired without looking too dated.

Try a gingham print sundress like the one here, or incorporate it in a pair of linen pants, boxers, or a breezy summery blouse!

19. Athletic Shorts

If you normally only wear your athletic shorts to the gym or to sports practice, now’s the time to try incorporating them into your everyday summer wardrobe!

Some of our favorite fashion influencers are starting to pair athletic shorts, like this Adidas pair, with more polished, put-together pieces like button down vests and boots.

This combination is definitely a fashion risk, but if you have the confidence to pull it off, you’ll definitely be one of the fashion trendsetters of your friend group.

No matter whether you have plans to travel, work, study, or just hang out at home this summer, now’s the time to curate your wardrobe and ensure that 2024 is your most stylish summer yet.

It’s the perfect time to experiment, take risks with your style, combine unexpected elements, and just have fun with fashion!

From casual events to work events to nighttime parties, these 2024 summer fashion trends are guaranteed to make you the best-dressed guest all summer long.

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