The Best Beauty Products For Rushed College Mornings | 10 Beauty Essentials For Rushed College Mornings

This post is about beauty products for a rushed college morning.

Rushed college mornings are bound to happen. You were staying up late studying, you decided to go out on sunday night too (yes, it happens) or you just missed you alarms.

Either way, you probably don’t want to look awful when you go to class. When I had a semester of 8am classes, I looked like a whole different person that early in the morning. Sweatpants and sweatshirt, hat, the whole thing.

I’m all for skipping makeup and an outfit and wearing what makes YOU feel the best, but sometimes your usual beauty routine still needs to be done… just shortened.

Here’s my favorite beauty products for a rushed college morning.


1. Dry Shampoo

This is an absolute must. Dry shampoo is like the number 1 thing used by college students everywhere. This does not mean you’re allowed to skip a shower, it just buys you a little extra time.

Here’s my absolute favorite dry shampoo. It’s extremely well known, and has stellar reviews! It’s affordable, too.

2. Micellar Cleanser Water

No time to wash your face? Micellar water can save you. I really like this micellar water from the brand “Simple.”

I just add some to a cotton round and use it to give my face a quick cleaning. Alongside this, micellar water is great for removing makeup, too!

3. Oil Control Sunscreen

I personally use makeup that is oil controlling, to keep my face nice and matte throughout the day. Unfortunately, when I don’t do my makeup, I still need something to help control oil throughout the day.

This is one of my favorite products, which has sunscreen in it and is oil controlling. I even like to put it under my makeup in the summer.

4. Tinted Eyebrow Gel/Brow Mascara

They say eyebrows frame the face, and they are completely right! You’ll be surprised how far colored eyebrows, a coat of mascara and some tinted moisturizer can bring you!

This is my favorite tinted eyebrow gel, in fact it works so well for me I don’t fill in my eyebrows – I just use this!

5. Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

This is by far my favorite mascara. I’ve tried high and low end mascaras galore, and I still find myself going back to this one. It’s so affordable, and performs better than a lot of the high end mascaras that I have tried.

I prefer the carbon black version from the voluminous line, but there are tons of variations – see which works best for you!

Here is my ride or die mascara –

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6. Buxom Full On – White Russian

Here’s a fantastic addition to any quick morning beauty routine – Buxom full on plumping lip gloss in white russian.

This plumping lip gloss makes your lips look a little fuller, without hurting them significantly like some plumping lip glosses do. I also really like how this lipgloss isn’t extremely glossy, and doesn’t draw a ton of attention to your lips if you’re going for a natural look.

7. Exfoliating Makeup Wipes

If a wipe of micellar water just won’t cut it this morning, but you also don’t have enough time to fully wash your face, an exfoliating makeup wipe is the perfect inbetween.

I really like exfoliating makeup wipes, since I feel like they scrub my face pretty well and make up for not having time to fully wash and dry my face.

8. BB Cream

For winter days when you want foundation but don’t have time to apply it, a BB cream is the perfect alternative. BB creams have more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but are still much lighter than actual foundation.

Due to how light BB cream is, you’re able to just literally smear it on your face with your hands rather than actually apply it. I’m not saying I exactly recommend this, but if you’re in a serious time crunch it does work.

I included my favorite BB cream, and favorite brush in case you have time to apply it with a brush.


9. Blush/Bronzer Combo

Instead of applying separate blush and separate bronzer and blending them both, a blush/bronzer combo is perfect for only one application versus two.

I love a sharp contour with bronzer and blush on top, but sometimes the flush of a blush/bronzer combo is perfect. Plus, it saves a ton of time!

Sweep this same bronzer/blush across your eyelids and skip formal eyeshadow. You’ll be surprised how nice this looks across all skin tones.

10. Don’t Skip Concealer

Concealer makes a huge difference in covering any imperfections in your face, and without the coverage of a foundation, you might feel a little bare if you’re just using a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

Instead of having a thick, full coverage concealer that needs to be blended out, this lighter concealer still does the job without all the time blending.

This post showed you 10 beauty products for a rushed college morning.