5 First Day of Class Essentials You Need To Have With You

This post is about first day of class essentials. 

Here’s 5 things that I would be dead without on my first day!


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Odds are you have no idea where you’re going your first day of classes. As soon as you move in, most likely the week before classes start, I would highly recommend walking your daily schedule. This will give you an idea as to how long it takes to get to each class and help you begin to learn your way around the campus. Until then, carry a campus map with you to make sure you don’t get lost!


As much as I know you want to wear that cute new pair of wedges you bought just for school, your first day is not the day you’ll want to wear them. Your orientation week or day was probably much more relaxed. You’ll be on a much tighter schedule on your first day of classes, and you don’t want to have your feet hurting the whole day. Save the cute shoes for easier days when you know your way around and can properly break them in.



Odds are you feel the need to buy your books in advance. This is a good idea if you know that you will for sure use your book. I personally order all of mine in advance because I have 21 days to return them if I find out I don’t need them. Most of the time I would recommend waiting until at least the first day of class before getting your books. I know as a freshman this is probably super intimidating, but it shouldn’t matter at all. It probably will save you a ton of money too! You’ll be surprised how often teachers will give you updates on the textbooks they will actually use.

Alongside all of the things I keep in my backpack, here’s the extras that I make sure to have on the first day of classes – or even the first week of classes!


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