Raise the Bar: 15 Unique Bar Cart Ideas to Enhance Your Living Space

This article is all about unique bar cart ideas.

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Bar carts are one of our favorite interior decorating trends of the moment. 

They add the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen or dining area. 

Plus, they’re the perfect way to show off your personality and design aesthetic, while also serving as a convenient place to store your alcohol, glassware, and other kitchen items. 

Even if you don’t drink, we still highly recommend incorporating a bar cart into your apartment kitchen decor—you can also use it as a coffee or tea station!

We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite ideas for unique bar cart decor, so no matter your style, aesthetic, or space limitations, we have the perfect bar cart ideas for you. 

Unique Bar Cart Ideas

1. Bar Cart Coffee Station

If you’re underage or don’t drink, but are still super into the idea of a bar cart as decor for your apartment, try taking inspiration from this bar cart coffee station.

A bar cart is the perfect place to store all of your coffee making supplies, like coffee beans or grounds, mugs, and syrups.

Plus, if you’re running out of counter space, you can easily put your Keurig, French press, or espresso machine right on top of your bar cart!

2. Tropical Themed Bar Cart

If you’re hosting any parties or get-togethers this summer, we love the idea of a tropical themed bar cart. 

Repurpose your bar cart as a cocktail station where you can serve your guests delicious, tropical themed drinks like mai tais, piña coladas, or mojitos. 

As an added bonus, any fruit you might need to make your cocktails, like limes or pineapples, also double as fun tropical decor!

3. Neon Lighting

Neon signs are one of the coolest and trendiest interior decorating trends of the moment. 

A decorative neon sign, like this one that says “Happy Hour,” is the perfect finishing touch to a bold, colorful bar cart. 

We especially love the neon pink paired with the graphic, cocktail inspired art hanging on the walls!

4. Retro Kitsch Decor

If you’re not super into interior decorating minimalism, but you also don’t want your apartment to look too busy or cluttered, try taking inspiration from this retro kitsch bar cart. 

The design of the bar cart itself is pretty streamlined, but it’s decorated with fun accent pieces that are quirky, but not too crazy, like the neon pink lava lamp, mushroom and cactus-themed glassware, funky pink decorative ashtray, and jungle print storage tin. 

5. Classy Black and White Aesthetic

On the other hand, if you ARE a minimalist interior design enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with this super classy, elegant black and white bar cart. 

The white marble shelves on this bar cart serve as the perfect backdrop for classy accouterments like the martini glasses, shiny silver champagne bucket and cocktail shaker, and white vase. 

6. Preppy Neon Bar Cart

If you’re not afraid of bold colors and prints, you’ll love this neon, preppy 2.0 inspired bar cart. 

The bar cart itself is designed with bold, contrasting hues like neon pink, bold yellow, and aquamarine blue. 

It serves as the perfect accompaniment to equally bold glassware, cocktail shakers, and even bold, colorful liquor bottles!

7. Feminine Wicker Bar Cart

We’re obsessed with this feminine, springtime inspired take on a bar cart. 

Of course, the centerpiece of this bar cart setup is the gorgeous blue wicker bar cart, a super unique decor piece that will definitely make your kitchen look one of a kind. 

We also love the way that the cart is decorated, with bouquets of springy pink tulips and fresh white hydrangeas, plenty of rosé, and a decorative bowl of lemons that also doubles as a garnish for cocktails!

8. Charcuterie Station

At your next party, why don’t you let your bar cart pull double duty as a classy, sophisticated charcuterie station? 

The charcuterie craze isn’t going away anytime soon, so you might as well take advantage of the space that a bar cart affords you and use it as extra counter space to hold snack boards full of your favorite meats, cheeses, olives, jams, crackers, and fruits!

9. Coquette Pink Bar Cart

If you’re a fan of the ultra-feminine, sugary sweet coquette aesthetic, you’ll love this coquette inspired pink bar cart. 

It all begins with a dainty, delicate gold and glass bar cart that would look right at home on the newest season of Bridgerton

On top, it’s decorated with all-pink accessories, from pink bottles of rosé and champagne to pink stemware, and of course, luscious bouquets of pink flowers displayed elegantly in pink vases. 

10. Bottle Storage

If you fancy yourself an amateur mixologist and are always trying new cocktails, you can easily transform your bar cart into an extra space for bottle storage. 

Buying an entire liquor cabinet can be expensive and take up a lot of space, so a combination bar cart-bottle storage solution is one of our favorite bar cart ideas for small spaces. 

Plus, it’s a convenient spot to store extra objects like wine decanters and cocktail shakers, so everything’s all in one place the next time you’re making drinks for friends!

11. Subtle Western Themed Bar Cart

This subtly Western-themed bar cart is some of the most unique bar cart decor we’ve seen, without being too loud or in your face. 

We’re especially obsessed with the cowboy hat-shaped disco ball and Barbie pink cowboy boot-shaped candle, which add quirky elements of Western-inspired style without being too theme-y or obnoxious. 

Plus, if you strategically place your bar cart in an area of your apartment that gets a lot of natural light throughout the day, the disco ball will reflect little beams of light that turn your space into a disco party!

12. Seasonal Bar Cart Decor

If you love to switch up the decor in your apartment seasonally, you can just as easily redecorate your bar cart to match the seasons. 

We love this quirky, romantic take on a Valentine’s Day-themed bar cart, with cute details like heart-shaped candles and a Valentine’s Day-themed bouquet, as well as seasonally appropriate liqueurs like Campari. 

If you’re feeling extra fancy, you could even switch out the decorations and bottles on your bar cart every month, like a rotating seasonal cocktail menu!

13. Fresh Lemonade Station

If you’re not a big drinker or are just looking for a way to switch up your bar cart for summer, try transforming it into a fresh lemonade station at your next party!

Of course, all you need to make lemonade is lemons, water, sugar, and ice, making this a super simple and unique bar cart decor idea that’s perfect for entertaining. 

You can even turn your fresh lemonade into a more adult beverage by using it to make spiked Arnold Palmers!

14. Spooky Goth Bar Cart

No matter whether you’re decorating for Halloween, or you’re one of those people who celebrate spooky season all year round, you’ll love this spooky goth bar cart. 

This unique bar cart idea is full of goth-y, macabre decorations that are spooky without being too loud or obnoxious, like the pumpkin-themed Moscow mule mugs, apothecary bottles, and even the tiny little raven on the bottom of the cart. 

15. Classy Party Girl Bar Cart

If you’ve just moved into your very first Big Girl Apartment and are looking to transform your space into an apartment that would look right at home on Sex and the City, try taking inspiration from this classy party girl bar cart. 

The acrylic bar cart with subtle gold accents is the perfect mixture of minimalist and feminine, and the gold theme continues through the decor, like the gold wine glasses and  geode coasters.

We’re especially obsessed with the giant gold champagne bucket and ice scoop—it’s the perfect centerpiece to wow your friends the next time it’s your turn to host girls’ night!

If you’re moving to an apartment for the first time, setting up your own bar cart is one of the most exciting and underrated aspects of decorating—it’s certainly not a decor item that you can have in a dorm room!

No matter whether you’re looking for girly, minimalist, or even bar cart ideas for small spaces, we’ve got you covered. 

These unique bar cart ideas are the perfect way to elevate your interior design aesthetic and wow your friends with delicious cocktails and drinks!

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