11 College Apartment Bathroom Organization Ideas | Best College Apartment Organization Ideas

A college bathroom can be the most disgusting thing that you every walk into. Please don’t let that be your bathroom.

Keep it organized, coordinate with roommates, and keep a tidy space! It’s best to get into habits of keeping things clean now, rather than trying to develop these habits later.

Alongside this, organization is key to staying clean! It’s so much easier to keep a clean room if it’s organized to begin with.

Here’s 11 college apartment bathroom organization ideas.

College Apartment Bathroom Organization Ideas

1. Under Sink

Under the sink is somewhere that is notoriously messy, and college apartments are the furthest from immune.

Get some simple bins to keep cleaning supplies, and extra linens organized!

2. Linen Storage

Most college apartments are not going to come with a closet in the bathroom. To supplement this, get your own! Even though your apartment doesn’t come with that much storage, it’s still necessary – trust me.

3. Toothbrush/Toothpaste Holder

No one wants to set their toothbrushes on the sink. Plus, this keeps your bathroom looking that much cleaner.

Here’s a few good options.

4. Cabinet Door Hair Tool Organization

when your flatiron, curling iron, or hair dryer are still hot, this metal over the door basket is perfect for keeping them off of the counter top!

5. Extra Towel Bars

Similar to not having a closet space in college apartments, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have nearly enough towel bars and hooks. If you have roommates, this problem is especially present.

If your apartment has rules against drilling holes in walls, like most do, utilize command hooks and strips to hang your towel racks and hooks.

Here’s a great assortment of command tools to help with this process.

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6. Utilize Vertical Space

With a small bathroom, this is key to ensuring you utilize all your space without making your tiny bathroom feel crowded.

Use command hooks to hang things on the walls and mirrors, and get tall cabinets if you’re adding more storage. This keeps more floor space open, and makes the bathroom feel bigger than it is.

7. Floating Shelves

Adding floating shelves above your toilet is a great way to use more space!

These shelves also add a great opportunity for some small bathroom decor, such as plants and other decor items.

I recommend these floating shelves! They stick to the wall, so they won’t make any holes!

8. Wall Mounted Baskets

Alongside floating shelves, wall mounted baskets help a ton. These are better placed over the vanity, next to any cabinets. Shelves are better above the toilet.

These baskets are perfect to mount with command strips!

9. Shower Organization

College showers have a tendency to be… super gross. There’s usually more than just one person using the shower, and therefore the bottles of products just pile up.

There’s a couple different organization options for in a shower, and all are great! Just pick which ones are most convenient for your shower setup.

10. Vanity Top Organization

Depending on your college apartment bathroom theme, how you you organize your vanity top is up to you. However, despite the theme, your vanity top will need organization!

I personally love the DIY college apartment organization idea of painting jars to match your apartment theme and color scheme, and using those to organize cotton balls, q-tips, and other bathroom essentials.

Another option is to use clear display jars, which match a more modern, minimalist theme.

11. Ladder Shelf

Adding a ladder shelf is a great way to add shelving above your toilet if you don’t want to add floating shelves to your wall.

Before purchasing this, I would highly recommend measuring the space around your toilet to make sure it will fit.

12. Repurpose Shoe Organizer

Similar to using a shoe organizer to store items in your dorm room, this works perfect in a bathroom!

Hang this on the back of your bathroom door, and hold hair products, hair tools, extra rolled up towels, and anything else you can’t find space for in your cabinets.

13. Use a Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is a great way to organize your vanity top, or the space under your sink.

With a lazy susan, it’s a lot easier to put a lot of stuff in one place, and not mess it up every time you grab something.

This post showed you 13 college apartment bathroom organization ideas.