College Apartment Living Room Ideas | 17 College Apartment Living Room Essentials

It’s finally time to move into your first college apartment, and out of your college dorm room.

This is an exciting move, but it comes with a lot of uncertainties. Finding a college apartment budget, and sticking to it, is alongside some of the most difficult decisions.

With a small space for your college apartment living room, you’ll find that there isn’t too many expenses that come with it.

Here’s 17 college apartment living room essentials.

College Apartment Living Room Essentials

1. Carpet

Even if your dorm room is carpeted, adding another carpet to sit partially under your couch and under your coffee table makes a new apartment seem a lot more homey.

These are my favorite carpets, incase you didn’t have one from your dorm room. If you did, there’s no sense in buying a new one.

2. TV Stand

Similar to the thought process of a dorm room, make use of all of your space!

Not only this, but you need to be on top of your finances with the first big move of your life.

A six or nine cube organizer is perfect for a TV stand, and makes a great place for some organization!

One of my favorite things to do with cube organizers is to leave some cubes empty, and use them to display decor.

3. Floating Shelves

Adding floating shelves to the space above your couch is a great way to utilize more vertical space.

If you can’t mount floating shelves into the wall of your apartment, these shelves are adhesive and stick to the wall instead.

4. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an absolute essential to every living room, and help make it feel a lot more home-like.

I recommend getting throw pillow inserts, and ordering different coverings for them. I found this to be cheaper and much more versatile.

5. Throw Blankets

Alongside a throw pillow, a throw blanket is an absolute necessity in any living room. This is especially useful when guests are over! Everyone likes to be able to use a throw blanket.

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6. Extra Lighting

Odds are the lighting that’s provided in your first college apartment isn’t ideal.

Add some lighting to the end tables, or tall lighting to the floor of the apartment.

Here’s my stylish favorites.

7. Wall Art

Wall art is a must. This is essential to transition an empty college living room into a homey, living space.

Whatever your style is, keep it simple! My only recommendation is to graduate from posters and get a little more grown up art.

Here’s my suggestions.

8. String Lights

String lights are a great way to decorate the space between your wall art. I really like thin lights for walls, opposed to white string lights that would go on a Christmas tree.

Here’s my favorite.

9. End Tables

If your college apartment doesn’t come with end tables, I really recommend investing in some! you’ll find that without end tables you just set things on the floor next to the couch.

Get some end tables!

10. Plants

Plants liven up any college apartment living room, especially small spaces!

I personally think live plants are the way to go, but sometimes that’s a little hard to keep up with due to a busy college schedule.

Here’s a selection of some small and some big plants. All are perfect for a super cute college apartment living room.

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11. Extension Cords

Extension cords in a college living space is an absolute necessity. Think ahead to wear guests will be sitting, and plan to put extension cords in those places.

If you read my dorm room posts, you’ll know that this is my tried and true extension cord and is perfect for any room in the apartment! I love the USB options.

12. Kleenex

There are so many college apartments i’ve visited that don’t have kleenex!

This is a simple thing to overlook, but I personally think makes a huge difference. Add some to your end tables!

13. Candles

Now that you’re allowed to have candles, make use of that! I love having aromatherapy candles, such as stress relief or energy candles.

14. Basket for Storage

This is the best way to store extra throw blankets, games, or anything else in your living room.

The best part is, the basket can be part of your decor. Here’s my favorites.

15. Games

Games are so underrated in college. Whenever someone had a game, we all had so much fun playing it!

These are my favorites, and everyone loved when I had them around.

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16. Clock

A clock is the perfect addition to your wall art, and is also much more used than you would expect.

I think a clock is a great statement piece, and can make or break a theme. These are some of my favorites!

17. Ottomans

Ottomans are a great way to add more storage, and more seating to your college apartment living room.

I recommend getting gray ones, so they can match themes in future apartments or even a house!

This post showed you 17 college apartment living room essentials.

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