13 Genius Dorm Closet Organization Ideas | How To Organize Your Dorm Room’s Tiny Closet

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This post is about dorm closet organization ideas.

College dorm rooms are small, cramped, and need to be kept as clean and organized as possible.

Dorm room closets are no exceptions to this rule. An organized dorm closet makes your life so much easier, and will help to make your mornings faster.

College dorm room organization is an absolute essential, and I believe that this should start in your closet. They usually don’t come with many built in organization options, but this gives you the option to add what works best for you.

This post shows you 13 college dorm room closet organization.

Dorm Room Closet Organization

1. Hanging Closet Organizer

A hanging organizer is a great way to organize shoes, scarves, or anything that won’t fit on a hanger, but you still want in your closet.

When considering hanging organizers, make sure to consider how much hanging space you’ll need in your closet. I needed all of mine, but I didn’t use my drawers much since most of my clothes were hung.

Here’s my favorite option for a hanging closet organizer.

2. Add An Extra Tension Rod

If your closet is tall enough, consider adding another tension rod halfway down your closet. This eliminates any space on the bottom of your closet for any other type of organization, but this works perfectly if you have tons of clothes that need to be hung.

3. Bins On Top Shelf

My college dorm room closet had a top shelf, and this worked perfectly to put three storage bins.

In these bins I kept hats and scarves, extra sheet sets, and extra toiletries and makeup. Instead of trying to stack clothes up there, this was a much more organized option!

4. Keep Containers On The Bottom

Just like keeping under bed storage containers, keeping containers on the bottom of your closet is a great way to store bulkier clothing. I kept a big bin at the bottom of my closet, where I kept all of my extra shoes.

Choose whichever works best for you!

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5. Add a Cube Organizer

Adding a cube organizer is another way you can add some storage space for things that won’t hang, like socks/swimsuits, etc. Cube organizers are relatively inexpensive, and work wonderfully!

Think of a standing cube organizer just like a hanging one – it could take up hanging space in your closet, so plan accordingly!

6. Buy Specialized Hangers

Specialized hangers will hang odds and ends in your closet a lot better than regular hangers will, saving space in the long run in your tiny closet.

I used these hangers to hang my jackets, to save space since they were more puffy than regular shirts.

7. Use Shelf Dividers

If you choose to use a shelf in your closet to fold clothes into stacks, shelf dividers help keep those stacks upright and stop stuff from piling up.

This is a game changer to stay away from the pile of clothes or blankets at the top of a closet!

8. Hanging Shoe Organizer

In my freshman year dorm, I had a giant plastic bin full of my shoes. I definitely do not recommend this! I always had to dig through it to find the pair I was looking for and it took up so much space in my tiny closet. A hanging shoe organizer will keep all your shoes visible and organized without crowding the floor space.

9. Space Saving Hangers

These space-saving hangers are super cool! Not only will they help you maximize the space in your dorm closet, but you can get them in cute colors.

10. Back of Door Organizer

Dorm Closet Hanging Door Organizer
Source: @amymivey

Even if you’ve run out of space in your dorm closet, don’t forget to utilize your door! You can use a hanging organizer on your door for shoes, undergarments, towels, jewelry, and more. 

11. Stackable Drawers

Stackable drawers are the best because you can add more when you need more storage space, and take them away when it gets too crowded in your closet. They’re super convenient and easy to use.

12. Wall Hooks for Bags

Bags and backpacks can take up so much room in a closet that’s already small to begin with. Keep your bags off the floor by hanging them on wall hooks.

13. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

I never knew what to do with my jewelry in my dorm room, so most of the time it ended up in a tangled knot in my drawers. A hanging jewelry organizer will help you display your jewelry and keep it tangle-free. It also doesn’t take up space on a desk or dresser like a jewelry box does.

This post showed you 13 college dorm room closet organization ideas.

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