Cute and Cozy Fall Outfit Ideas for the Autumn 2024 Season

This article is all about fall outfit ideas.

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This might be a controversial opinion, but we think fall is the peak season for fashion.

As the weather gets chillier, the days get shorter, and the leaves on the trees start turning colors, it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with layering, color, and texture.

If you’ve been in a fall style rut for the past few years and are looking for fall outfit ideas to get your creative juices flowing again, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve rounded up 17 of our favorite fall 2024 outfit ideas, with outfit inspo for any occasion, aesthetic, or body type.

Make this upcoming autumn season your most stylish one yet!

Cute and Cozy Fall Outfit Ideas

1. Cozy and Classy Fall Outfit

If you’re a fan of a minimalist, neutral, quiet luxury aesthetic, you should definitely take inspiration from this cozy and classy fall outfit. 

We love the way that the super fuzzy, comfy taupe sweater matches perfectly with another taupe sweater tied over the shoulders for a minimalist, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy-inspired look.

We also love the contrast between the classy, elegant black silk slip skirt and the sportier, more casual Adidas sneakers!

2. Sleek Monochromatic Black Outfit

This sleek monochromatic black outfit is still super professional and put-together, perfect for work, but still has a little bit of an edgy vibe. 

The standout piece is the sleek black leather blazer, which adds a little bit of grunge to the look. 

Underneath the blazer is a classic fall outfit formula, a streamlined black turtleneck tucked into some black jeans and a pair of black ankle boots.

3. Sporty Fall Mini Dress Outfit

Sporty Fall Mini Dress Outfit
Source: @makkylawson

This sporty fall mini dress outfit is the perfect way to incorporate mini skirts into your fall wardrobe, even when the weather starts to cool down. 

The centerpiece of this outfit is the cropped varsity jacket, which keeps you warm and adds a cool sporty vibe to the outfit. 

Underneath, pair a classic black mini dress with a pair of show-stopping black thigh high boots for a look that’s low effort, but high impact!

4. Feminine Grungy Party Outfit

Feminine Grungy Party Outfit
Source: @meen.bun

If you have a party to go to this fall, try taking inspiration from this feminine grungy party outfit!

We love the way that this dress is feminine and flowy, but the olive green color and black floral print add a little bit of an edgier vibe. 

Then, you can keep the edgy vibe going with a classic black motorcycle jacket and black leather ankle boots!

5. Denim Skirt Fall Outfit

This outfit is the perfect way to participate in the long denim skirt trend this fall season using items that you probably already have in your closet! 

To get this look, pair a long denim skirt with a simple crewneck sweater and a pair of sneakers. 

We like the way that this outfit is made up of monochromatic shades of gray and faded black, but it would look just as great with a blue denim skirt and a more colorful sweater!

6. Classy Dark Academia Outfit

This outfit definitely has a dark academia vibe, with some strategic pops of color that add brightness and life to the overall look!

A rust red sweater is paired with a taupe mini skirt and some adorable brown, knee high leather boots. 

To tie the look together, layer on a classic trench coat that gives the whole outfit an effortlessly elegant vibe!

7. Easy Fall Going Out Outfit

This fall look features one of our favorite going out outfit formulas. 

A super cute, lingerie-inspired bodysuit is paired with a simple pair of jeans and a leather blazer layered over the top. 

It’s the perfect balance of sexy and understated, perfect for a college party, bar hopping, or any other event that’s halfway between casual and formal.

8. Casual and Cozy Fall Outfit

Casual And Cozy Fall Outfit
Source: @brooketang

In contrast, this fall outfit is the perfect look for when you’re just having a casual study or chill day, but you still want to look a little cute and put together!

All you need is a baggy quarter zip sweater, a pair of baggy jeans, and a vest to layer over the top. 

Some cute and classy accessories, like sleek black sunglasses, a leather purse, and dainty jewelry, pull the look together and prevent it from seeming too sloppy or casual.

9. Preppy Blair Waldorf-Inspired Fall Outfit

If Blair Waldorf is your ultimate style icon, you’ll definitely want to emulate this super preppy fall outfit this upcoming autumn. 

The base of this outfit is deceptively simple and casual—a white t-shirt and pair of jean shorts, which you can totally swap out for a full-length pair of jeans when the weather gets a little cooler. 

To finish off the look, you’ll need an oversized gray blazer, a pair of black leather loafers, white ankle socks, and classy accessories like black sunglasses and a silver purse!

10. Cozy Shearling Jacket Outfit

This shearling jacket outfit is the epitome of cozy fall vibes. 

Underneath is the perfect When Harry Met Sally or Knives Out-inspired cream cable knit sweater, paired with the perfect pair of light wash jeans. 

The star of the show is, of course, the plush shearling jacket in a warm, caramel shade that just screams “fall!”

11. Sweater Dress Outfit

Sweater dresses are a classic autumn wardrobe staple, and this one is no exception!

This camel cardigan dress is cinched in the waist with a black leather belt to give the look a little more shape and body. 

Then, finish off the outfit with a classic pair of black ankle boots!

12. Classic Flannel Outfit

Classic Flannel Outfit
Source: @roseybeeme

Of course, no fall outfit idea roundup is complete without a classic flannel. 

This red and white flannel is styled like a button down shirt and tucked into a black denim mini skirt. 

Then, finish off the look with a pair of black combat boots and a leather tote bag, perfect to take with you to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch!

13. Flowy Maxi Dress Outfit

You might associate flowy maxi dresses with the spring and summer in your mind, but this flowy maxi dress outfit definitively proves that you can style this wardrobe item for the fall!

This maxi dress is a little more fall-appropriate because of the longer sleeves and rusty, pumpkin orange hue.

To make the look feel a little more casual and less dressy, pair the dress with a classic pair of white sneakers!

14. Sweater Vest Dress Outfit

Sweater Vest Dress Outfit
Source: @nk.medani

We’re obsessed with the preppy, academia vibes of this sweater vest dress outfit. 

To get the look, layer a long, mini dress-length sweater vest over a crisp, classic white button down shirt. 

Finally, finish off the look with classic black loafers and white ankle socks!

15. Lingerie-Inspired Dress

Lingerie Inspired Dress
Source: @elie.rtl

This lingerie-inspired dress is the perfect way to transition the beloved coquette aesthetic into the fall season. 

The star of this outfit is obviously the lacy, slightly risque lingerie-inspired dress, which is layered under a trench coat for the perfect juxtaposition between sexy and classy. 

Finally, complete the look with knee high boots and a matching leather purse!

16. Classic Casual Fall Outfit

This classic casual fall outfit is about to become your new uniform this autumn season

A classic white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers are elevated by a classy, minimalist wool bomber jacket, a preppy navy baseball cap, and a bold red leather purse that adds the perfect pop of color to the ensemble. 

With this outfit formula, you’ll always look put together without looking too done up, and also without putting in any effort at all!

17. Classy Neutral Sweater Dress

This classy neutral sweater dress outfit is the perfect feminine, yet professional outfit for the workplace in the fall season. 

This sweater dress has long sleeves, a boat neckline, and hits at the mid-shin, so it’s super flattering, but also completely appropriate for the office. 

Pair it with classy, elegant accessories like a strappy pair of black heels, a black leather purse, and understated gold earrings.

These fall 2024 outfit ideas are sure to work perfectly for any scenario—whether you’ll be in the classroom, the office, or at a party this autumn season, you’re guaranteed to be one of the best-dressed people no matter where you go!

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