25 Stunning Summer Nail Ideas for Warmer Weather

This post is all about summer nail ideas.

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The temperatures are warming up, the days are getting longer, and best of all, school’s finally out!

Now’s the perfect time to start planning your summer glow up, and one of the most important parts of a summertime makeover is your nails!

If you’re looking for stunning manicure ideas for your next vacation, pool party, or graduation party, look no further.

We’ve rounded up 25 of our favorite summer nail ideas, so no matter whether you prefer your nails long or short, elaborate or plain, colorful or neutral, we’ve got the perfect summer manicure for you.

For the perfect summer 2024 manicure inspiration, just keep reading!

Here are 25 Stunning Summer Nail Ideas for Warmer Weather

Stunning Summer Nail Ideas

1. Summer Gel Nails

We love gel manicures because they last so much longer than regular nail polish. 

If you’re a low maintenance girlie who’s still looking for summer nails that have an impact, we love these bright, borderline neon mint green gel nails.

2. Elegant Summer Nails

If you love wearing sophisticated, neutral nails year-round, you can’t go wrong with these elegant summer nails. 

They’re painted with a milky quartz pattern that’s understated and classy, but still has visual interest!

3. Short Summer Nail Idea

Even if you prefer wearing your nails short, you can still have fun with bold, colorful nail art!

We’re obsessed with this citrusy short summer nail idea, featuring a classy periwinkle French manicure, with summery slices of orange painted on two accent nails.

4. Bright Summer Nails

These super vibrant, bright summer nails are the perfect option for someone who wants an eye-catching, one of a kind manicure this summer. 

They feature a nude base, with colorful squiggles painted across the tips of each nail in bold contrasting shades of cobalt, magenta, mint, tangerine, and more. 

5. Acrylic Summer Nail Ideas

If you’ve been loving the chrome nail trend that’s been super hot for the past few months, keep it going with this chrome acrylic summer nail idea!

Instead of nude or silver chrome, this manicure idea features a sunny, lemon yellow chrome that screams “summer”!

6. Cute Summer Nails

If you’re a fan of all things cute, you’ll love this summery honey bee-inspired nail art. 

Most of your nails will be painted a buttery pastel yellow shade. Then, two accent nails feature nail art of dainty daisies and a delicate little bumblebee!

7. Summer Aura Nails

Aura nails are another of the hottest nail designs of the past few seasons, and we’re obsessed with this colorful, summery take on the trend. 

One hand features a mint to teal aura ombre, while the other features a peach to hot pink aura ombre. 

The best part? The bold, contrasting star nail art painted onto an accent nail on each hand! 

8. Summer Jelly Nails

Even if you’re staying home this summer, these gorgeous summer jelly nails will have you feeling like you’re vacationing in the Italian countryside! 

They feature 3D jelly nail art that looks like luscious slices of orange, paired with contrasting nails painted to look like blue and white porcelain. 

9. Coquette Summer Nails

These coquette summer nails are the perfect warm weather variation on the ultra girly coquette aesthetic.

In contrasting shades of pastel pink and pastel green, they feature intricate, dainty 3D nail art of flowers and butterfly wings, making your nails look like an ethereal fairy paradise!

10. Tropical Flower Nails

These tropical flower nails are perfect for the girl who plans to spend her entire summer at the beach or pool. 

We love the combination of 3D and hand-painted hibiscus flowers, layered over vibrant tropical colors like hot pink, sky blue, and vibrant orange.

11. Y2K Acrylic Nails

If you’re a huge fan of the loud, over the top, McBling aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with these super long, Lisa Frank-inspired Y2K acrylic nails. 

They feature super fun, gaudy nail art, like flames, leopard print, smiley faces, and tiger stripes, all in vibrant contrasting neon colors. 

12. Limoncello Nails

These limoncello nails are the perfect finishing touch to a Euro girl summer. 

Most of the nails are painted a sunny, summery yellow, but two accent nails are decorated with nail art of lemons!

13. Neon French Manicure

This neon French manicure is the perfect combination of bold and colorful, as well as subtle and understated. 

This version features French tips painted in a vibrant highlighter yellow, but it would look equally great with any neon shade, like orange, hot pink, or lime green.

14. Tie Dye Nails

If tie dyeing was one of your favorite summertime activities as a kid, you’ll love these tie dye-inspired nails. 

They feature a matte black base with contrasting bursts of tie dye-inspired color, making this manicure the perfect finishing touch for anyone who loves a bold nail look.

15. Pastel Rainbow Watercolor Nails

These pastel rainbow watercolor nails are a more subtle, understated take on the rainbow nail trend. 

They feature dappled blends of pastel shades like baby pink, light blue, lemon yellow, and peach that come together to create a colorful, yet classy effect.

16. Monstera Leaf Nails

If you’re a plant lover, you’ll also love this monstera leaf nail art. 

The background is a glossy peachy color that contrasts beautifully with accent nail art of a tropical monstera leaf in a lush shade of deep green!

17. Pastel Chrome Nails

These pastel chrome nails form a gorgeous rainbow ombre across each of your hands. 

If you’re a chrome manicure lover, but you can’t decide which color to get, this nail inspo will allow you to incorporate the whole rainbow!

18. Kitten Picnic Nail Art

These adorable kitten picnic nails are the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!

They feature a pink and white gingham print as the background for dainty, yet intricate nail art of strawberries, kittens, and daisies!

19. Hot Pink Watermelon Nails

Watermelon is by far our favorite summertime fruit, and you should totally take inspiration from these hot pink watermelon nails if it’s your favorite fruit, too!

Most of the nails are painted with a glossy hot pink shade, while an accent nail is painted with bold slices of matching hot pink watermelon!

20. Kawaii Rilakkuma Nails

These adorable Rilakkuma-inspired nails are perfect for the girl who’s obsessed with the Japanese kawaii aesthetic. 

They feature clear jelly acrylics covered in 3D nail art of Rilakkuma bears, cherries, kiwis, and citrus!

21. Magenta Chrome Aura Nails

These magenta chrome aura nails combine two of our favorite trends, chrome and aura ombre. 

They feature a baby pink to hot pink aura design, with swirls of magenta chrome painted over top for a super cool, trendy, edgy look.

22. Monarch Butterfly Nails

This beautiful monarch butterfly nail art is dainty and feminine, but not too overly girly. 

Each nail is painted a neutral, sheer nude color. Then, over the top, each nail features delicate nail art of a fluttering monarch butterfly!

23. Short Neon Flame Nails

Just because you have short nails doesn’t mean you can’t rock some fun, colorful nail art!

We love this fun, sporty flame nail art painted in bold shades of black and neon green on a nude background. 

24. Summer Sunset Nails

These summer sunset nails are not for the faint of heart, but if you have the skill or patience to elaborate nail art, these nails are sure to be a showstopper. 

They feature a super realistic summer sunset painted across each of your nails in gorgeous tones of magenta, orange, purple, and pink. 

25. Neon Orange Ombre Manicure

If you love having long nails, this neon orange ombre manicure is a super fun summer option. 

They feature a matte ombre that goes from basic nude to vibrant neon orange, the perfect blend of neutral and colorful!

If summertime is your favorite season and you’re just itching to begin your summer 2024 glow up, don’t neglect your summer manicure!

These 25 summer nail ideas offer inspiration for everyone, no matter what nail length, color, shape, or style you prefer!

THIS POST SHOWED YOU 25 Stunning Summer Nail Ideas for Warmer Weather.