Holiday Gift Ideas For College Students | Awesome Gift Ideas

This post is about genius Holiday gifts for college students. 

As a college student, I can tell you that the holiday season is probably the most exciting time for myself and my peers. Not only did the student just finish with a difficult semester, but college kind of (okay, usually) sucks up a ridiculous amount of money. The holiday season is a time for students to look forward to getting a little replenishing of their bank account and some other awesome gifts. 

If you’re someone who is preparing to buy a gift for a college student, you’re probably absolutely lost. I don’t blame you! College students seem to have nothing, but everything at the same time. Buying a gift for a college student that they can really utilize is so important, and it can be hard to choose the right gift for the person you have in mind. 

In this post, I show you the best holiday gifts imaginable to college students. There’s a wide array of items and price ranges, so you’re guaranteed to find a gift perfect for your college student. As a college student myself, I can assure you that these gifts are simply some of the best, most popular, and will get a ton of use! 

Here are 28 best gift ideas for college students. 


If you’re a student, did you know you an get 50% off of Amazon Prime? I swear I have an Amazon package delivered every other day – and I’m so glad I can get everything within 2 days of ordering it! Click the button below to get 6 months free of Amazon Prime student. 


 I bought an Apple Watch when they first came out, and literally used it for over 3 years. Apple watches are super popular in college, and I see why! It’s so handy to have all of your notifications go to your watch. Plus, Apple Watches really hone in all of the benefits of other smart watches, such as fitness tracking and GPS directions. 


I think college students can all have one thing in common – their sheets are likely the cheapest ones they could find. I was one of these students, who grabbed the cheapest sheets for a Twin XL at target that I could find. When I was gifted some new sheets from my parents, I couldn’t wait to lie in my bed! 


If the college student you are buying a gift for has plans to travel over Winter or Spring break, or plans to study abroad in a coming semester, give them these super cute and necessary passport case and luggage tag. They will feel super trendy and luxurious, and they’ll be able to really put this gift to use! 


Throughout college I wasn’t personally a coffee lover. However, I really don’t know a college student who isn’t addicted to caffeine. Some use energy drinks or tea, or they love coffee. If you know that the college student you have in mind is a coffee lover, buy them this all in one cold brew kit. This cold brew kit comes with everything they need to make the perfect (and trendiest) cup of cold brew – ever! 


These Juicy Couture suitcases are eye-catching, to say the least. If your college student is extremely fashion-forward and trendy, and in need of some new luggage, they will absolutely swoon over this luggage set. Plus, you’re encouraging them and giving them something they need to travel the world! I can’t think of a better holiday gift idea for college students who love to travel. 


Even with the newest smartphone, college students burn through electronic batteries like no other. I always had a portable battery pack with me for my college day, and when I forgot it – I definitely was struggling. The battery pack listed above is one of the highest rated, and can charge their phone over multiple times. They will absolutely love this gift! 


I too was one of those people that didn’t understand the hype around Airpods… until I got a pair of my own. In my defense, I was intending to return them in a week if I didn’t get enough use out of them. I couldn’t believe how nice they were! Not only that, Airpods are ridiculously popular among college students. This gift is super trendy, and useful. I hate studying without my AirPods! 


Cards Against Humanity is a classic bonding game played among college students. It’s super fun, it fits most college students humor perfectly, and it’s simple to play. If your college student doesn’t already have a set of this game, they will be thankful for one! 


If you know the person you are getting a gift for is struggling with organization, a highly-rated planner like this one from The Happy Planner can really set them up for success second semester. This is a fantastic holiday gift idea for college students that need help with their organization.  


I was recently gifted a super ice tea-kettle, and I was unbelievably excited about it. I drink probably 3-5 cups of tea a day, and the new tea kettle I have makes tea making fun and a lot more convenient. 


When you’re in college, it’s essential that you have a sturdy, comfortable show that you can rely on. I love Allbirds since they are so comfortable and they are the perfect shoe to wear around campus and stop at the gym. 


I currently have this exact hamper. When I was in my Freshman year dorm, I was super close to the laundry room and a rolling hamper was almost unnecessary. In my apartment during my second year of college, I was literally a 5 minute walk away from the laundry room. This rolling hamper absolutely saved me! I have no idea how the other students in that building got their laundry to the laundry room without this hamper. 


I love drinking out of a straw, but the plastic waste can get pretty ridiculous. Reusable straws like these ones are super affordable, and they last a long time. This makes the holiday gift idea for college students focused on sustainability! 


When I was doing research for this post, I definitely knew that I wanted a good pair of sweatpants on the list. One of the things I really look forward to is putting on some super soft sweatpants when I’m done with a hard day of class. I looked at a few different rating sites and tests, and these sweatpants always came out as number one. The reviews on them are incredible! Your college student will be in pure luxury when they put on these sweatpants. 


The price of this speaker is so cheap considering how great the sound quality is. I’ve used this speaker quite a few times, and it has never disappointed me. Plus, it’s waterproof! You really can’t ask for more in a speaker. 


Know someone with an addiction of getting a coffee at the cafe every morning? Help them break this habit by allowing them to make their barista level coffee right at home – and for a fraction of the price! 


An Instant Pot is such a versatile tool in the kitchen. I really like that it’s easy to use for students who are new to cooking their own meals, but it can be really utilized by students familiar with cooking, too. Please note that Instant Pots come in multiple sizes and varieties. I listed the smaller size one above, but if you know your college student will utilize a bigger one more, sift around! Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a great selection on their website – click the button above! 


Microwave popcorn is a staple in almost all college students diets. I myself would buy the huge boxes of microwave popcorn at the store. However, microwave popcorn is unbelievably unhealthy. This microwave popcorn maker is just as easy as pre-made microwave popcorn, and it tastes delicious! For the college student that likes snacking, this is an essential. 


I have the exact sweater that is pictured and linked above. I honestly wear it 2-3 times a week and I bought it in a couple more colors. I’ve had my original sweater for over 2 years, and it still is in perfect condition. I cannot recommend this sweater enough! It’s also super warm. 


If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you’ll know that I use my hammock a ton. In fact, I went on my first date in the hammock lifted above! These hammocks are super well made, really packable, and they last for years and years. 


I approached getting an Amazon Echo with the same attitude I brought to buying an Apple Watch – with the intent of returning it if I wasn’t satisfied. However, I really can’t believe how much I use my Echo. I use it to set timers, ask questions, play music, really anything. Plus, it’s a fantastic speaker. This holiday gift is super useful for all college students. 


Hydroflask water bottles are super popular among college students. Alongside being trendy, Hydroflasks are very high-quality and last a long time. I’ve had the same hydroflask for over 3 years now! 


When you’re in college, there’s tons of things that you realize you need – and you need them pretty quickly. Ordering off Amazon is the easiest way to get almost all products! By giving a college student the gift of Amazon Prime, you’re allowing them to receive all of their packages within two days, alongside all of the perks that come with Amazon Prime – such as their streaming service, music, and tons of others. 


It’s no secret that college students spend most weekends hungover. This cookbook is fantastic for curing hangovers, and helping college students pick up some more cooking skills. 


In high school, I was on the alpine ski team. Smartwool socks are really hard to beat. They’re super warm, and there’s a smartwool sock for every kind of sport and type of wear that you may need. I know that socks don’t seem like an amazing Holiday gift, but Smartwool socks will definitely make a college student happy! 


Bumble and Bumble hair products are an absolute cult favorite. They’re used by common people who just enjoy taking care of their hair, and hair stylists alike. If your college student is fashion and style forward, this is the hair product for them! 


Dyson vacuums probably seem ridiculously overpriced. I thought the same thing, until my parents got one! For college students living in an apartment, this is such an amazing gift. Dyson vacuums are really fantastic, and this one is cordless – it just makes it even better! 


As a beauty lover myself, I can really attest to how amazing Glossybox is. You get cult favorite beauty products at a fraction of the price, delivered every month. If you’re looking for the gift that truly keeps on giving, this is the gift to give. 


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