Dream Big in a Small Space with these Studio Apartment Inspo Pics

This article is all about studio apartment inspo.

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If you’re about to move into your very first big girl apartment, there’s a good chance it might be a studio apartment.

Studio apartments are essentially just one big open floor plan, without a designated room for a bedroom.

This means that they tend to be quite a bit smaller than a traditional one bedroom apartment, but also more cost effective!

Even though you might be in a small studio apartment, that doesn’t mean that you can’t transform it into the aesthetic small apartment of your dreams!

We’ve rounded up 16 of our favorite studio apartment inspo pics. Each of these amazing interior decorating ideas will help you maximize your space and turn your studio apartment into a sanctuary.

Here are 16 Cute Studio Apartment Inspo Pics for Your Dream Apartment.

THE Cutest Studio Apartment Inspo Pics

1. Eclectic Feminine Decor

Even though you’re working with a smaller space, you still have plenty of room to infuse the area with personality. 

We love the quirky, understated, but still undeniably feminine design choices of this studio apartment, from the watercolor wall art to the pink flowers to the patterned armchair. 

We’re especially obsessed with the color coordinated floating bookshelves, which are the perfect way to store your books without taking up too much space.

2. Multipurpose Furniture

One of the easiest ways to maximize space in a studio apartment is with cute, versatile furniture that serves a variety of purposes. 

This wicker console is especially perfect because it’s beautiful, classy, and neutral colored, blending in perfectly with the rest of the decor. 

Plus, it doubles as a storage cabinet, TV stand, buffet, and dresser, depending on where you put it and how you decorate it!

3. Minimalist Studio Apartment

Minimalist Studio Apartment
Source: @rara_stoney

Just because you favor a minimalist aesthetic for your studio apartment doesn’t mean that your apartment has to be boring and empty!

We’re obsessed with this soothing, serene minimalist studio apartment, which features streamlined design elements like a comfy leather couch, minimalist wooden bed frame, and rattan rug.

Our favorite part is definitely the rolling coat rack by the door, which is a great way to store extra clothes while also contributing to the overall vibe of your apartment.

4. Quirky Colorful Apartment Decor

On the other hand, if minimalism isn’t your vibe, you don’t have to sacrifice color and fun for space, even in a studio apartment. 

Almost all of the furniture in this studio apartment living room is fun, quirky, and colorful, from the teal couch to the gold palm tree-shaped lamp to the small lilac side table. 

However, carefully placed neutral items, like the neutral rug and clear acrylic coffee table contribute some much-needed balance.

5. Sunny Dining Nook

In a studio apartment, you probably won’t have enough room for a full-blown dining area, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a cozy little dining nook to enjoy meals, work, and even entertain. 

This cozy, pocket-sized round dining table is the perfect fit for a studio apartment kitchen. 

The two matching wood and wicker chairs are the perfect complement, helping coordinate the table with the wicker shelves in the background!

6. DIY Wallpaper

If you’re renting your studio apartment, you probably won’t be able to paint or add real wallpaper to your walls. 

However, with some renter-friendly peel-and-stick temporary wallpaper, you can add some visual interest to the walls of your studio apartment!

We love the neutral, but still girly black and white rose print wallpaper that helps frame the bed in this studio apartment. 

7. Hardwood Floors

If your studio apartment has gorgeous, original hardwood floors in good quality, like this one, incorporate them into your decor!

It’d be a shame to cover up such a covetable interior design feature with a huge area rug. 

Instead, try coordinating the rest of your studio apartment decor to go with the hardwood floors, like the pale, warm neutral tones of this apartment.

8. Warm Neutral Minimalist Studio Apartment

We’re obsessed with the monochromatic tones of this minimalist studio apartment, which help the whole space look cohesive without being too obvious. 

The warm neutral tones of the rug, TV stand, and dresser go beautifully with the slightly deeper neutral tones of the bedding and couch. 

Our favorite detail? The wicker lampshade covering the overhead light, which looks amazing and also helps prevent the overhead light from looking too harsh.

9. Lush Houseplants

Houseplants are some of our favorite ways to make a studio apartment space appear a little bigger than it really is. 

They’re lush, verdant, green, and as an added bonus, are even good for your health, releasing oxygen into the air of your apartment. 

Some of our favorite starter house plants include succulents, snake plants, and pothos plants.

10. Monochromatic Color Scheme

If the idea of decorating an entire apartment to look cohesive is too intimidating, we highly recommend going with a monochromatic color scheme for your whole apartment. 

We really love the color choices of this small studio apartment, with coordinating tones of deep gray, rich brown, and mustard yellow. 

Because you’re limiting yourself to only a small color palette, you can get a little crazy with different colors and textures, so your apartment doesn’t look boring even if it is all the same color.

11. Colorful Living Room

If you’re a fan of a more boho, eclectic, maximalist, and artsy aesthetic, try taking inspiration from the gorgeous, colorful living room of this studio apartment. 

We can’t get enough of the unique and unexpected textures and shapes, from the shaggy rug to the artsy coffee table to the puffy desk chair. 

Plus, we love the gallery wall above the couch—a framed gallery wall is one of our favorite ways to decorate a small apartment space!

12. Shoe and Purse Shelf

If you have an extensive wardrobe and are struggling with the relative lack of storage space in a studio apartment, we recommend an accessories shelf as a storage solution!

Instead of cluttering up your closet space with all of your shoes and bags, try an open storage bookshelf. 

This is the perfect way to keep all of your beloved accessories on display, transforming them into interior decor in addition to being clothes!

13. Mini Kitchen Island

If your studio apartment kitchen doesn’t have enough counter space for your liking, try this mini kitchen island idea. 

Look for a relatively tall table that has a small surface area, ideally with one or two matching stools.

That way, in addition to working as a mini kitchen island for cooking and prep work, it also doubles as a mini kitchen table!

14. Dividing Curtain

If you’ve never lived in a studio apartment before, one of the weirdest things to get used to is the lack of a bedroom. 

If you’re looking for a way to temporarily create a little bit of separation between your bed area and the rest of your apartment, try setting up a dividing curtain. 

When you want to feel like you have a full bedroom, you can leave the curtain down, and when you want your apartment to feel a little more spacious and open, you can put it back up again. 

15. Sunny Apartment Vibes

If your studio apartment is lucky to get a lot of sun, like this one, an open floor plan can be a blessing, allowing your whole apartment to fill up with light.

We love that this apartment has a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, allowing the sun to reflect off the mirrored facets!

Plus, the abundant natural sunlight also makes this apartment the perfect place to grow plants. 

16. Bed Storage Combo

If your studio apartment is really teeny tiny, one cute way to maximize space is with a bed storage combo!

This unique bed features three pretty sizable storage drawers underneath, which you can use as a dresser or other storage space.

In addition to serving as a super handy additional storage solution, the bed is also just super cute!

The open floor plan of a studio apartment presents a unique opportunity to get super creative with your interior decorating. 

Let your imagination run wild! Just because you don’t have a formal bedroom doesn’t mean that you can’t still have the apartment of your dreams. 

No matter whether your ideal apartment is minimalist and neutral, maximalist and colorful, or somewhere in between, these studio apartment inspo pics are sure to give you ideas for creating your perfect apartment. 

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