9 Dorm Room Desk Organization Ideas | The Best College Dorm Room Desk Organization Hacks

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This post is about dorm room desk organization ideas.

When you move into your dorm room, you’ll notice that you spend most of your time sitting on your bed or at your desk, desperately trying to finish an assignment.

I remember that I always used my desk as another “junk table.” This was not a good system at all, and I always ended up going somewhere else on campus since my desk was covered in random junk.

Avoid being me, and keep your desk organized from the beginning. This has been a new priority of mine, and I have to say it’s working really well!

I use all of these organization tools for my desk, and they are fantastic!

Here’s 9 dorm room desk organization ideas.

College Dorm Room Desk Organization Ideas

1. Pen Holder

Pen holders are clearly a necessity on every person’s desk. Since you need to have it anyways, why not make it super cute and trendy?

Here’s my favorite picks.

2. Post-It Holder

I am a post-it note lover, and I really recommend using them to micro-organize planner pages, or make mini-notes on the inside of your textbooks.

I love my post-it note holder, and it allows me to keep my theme going all across my desk.

Here’s some budget friendly and trendy options!

3. Laptop Stand

This was one of the best decisions I made for my desk. It was a little more of an investment, but it made such a difference!

Having your laptop screen at eye level and you hands on a keyboard at desk level – just like a desktop computer – is much better for your posture. With long hours of study, I find that this setup at my desk is exactly what I needed.

Here’s the laptop stand I have, with a few different ones listed below at different price points.

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4. Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad

I have a macbook, and the apple keyboard and trackpad were such a great investment! I feel like I type so much faster on my bluetooth keyboard, and the trackpad is such an awesome tool to be able to use.

Here’s the ones I have –

5. Phone, Watch, Airpod Stand

I personally love keeping my phone, apple watch, and airpods all in one place, especially when they are charging. This handy stand makes organizing all the charging cords really easy, and looks so aesthetic on my desk!

Here’s the one I have –

6. Desk Drawer Organization

Odds are your college dorm room desk comes with a long drawer right under the main part of your desk. This drawer is super handy, but doesn’t keep your stuff the most organized.

These drawer organizers help a ton! I really like the clear ones since I can mix and match where they go, but the mesh one is a lot cheaper. Whichever works for you!

7. Catch All Dish

As much as we like to dream about our college dorm room desk being extremely organized at all times, sometimes that’s just not what happens.

Having a catch all dish is a great way to keep extra clutter off your desk surface. I really utilized mine and it helped a lot with overall cleanliness!

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8. Hanging Organization

When it comes to a tiny college dorm room, the best tip I can give you is to utilize vertical space! A great way to do this is to use the space right above your desk.

You can hang pictures, a cute wire hanging rack, a calendar, and any other organization tools you’d like to have right at your fingertips!

Here’s some of my trendy favorites:

9. Desk Hutch

If it fits in your budget, a desk hutch is a great way to add a ton of storage and organization to your desk.

I really love this option, because your desk hutch can come with you to any new dorms, apartments, and even houses!

Here’s the one I recommend:

This post showed you 9 college dorm room desk organization hacks.