Eerie Halloween Decor Ideas Perfect for Spooky Season

This article is all about Halloween decor ideas.

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If you’re anything like us, you’re counting down the days until Halloween season begins again.

You might have been planning your Halloween costume months in advance, but have you been putting any thought into the ways you’re going to decorate your apartment or dorm room?

If you’re full of Halloween spirit but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve rounded up a ton of our favorite Halloween home decor ideas for any interior decorating aesthetic, from cutesy to maximalist to understated to goth!

Whether you’re planning a blowout Halloween party or you just love changing up your interior decor for each new season, we’ve got the perfect Halloween decor ideas for you!

Eerie Halloween Decor iDEAS

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Shelf

Vintage Inspired Halloween Shelf
Source: @whatmiasaid

If you’re all about the vintage aesthetic, you’ll love this kitschy, vintage-inspired take on Halloween interior decor. 

Each shelf of the bookcase is full of kooky, offbeat vintage Halloween decorations like ghosts, jack o’ lanterns, and ouija boards. 

However, to keep the vibe cool and eclectic without veering too far into weird territory, the bookcase itself is made of wicker, so you can easily repurpose it for your normal, non-Halloween decor. 

Halloween Coffee Bar

One of our favorite, most underrated ways to decorate your home for Halloween is to incorporate spooky seasonal decor into your kitchen.

Try taking inspiration from this Halloween coffee bar, which features an impressive collection of ghost and pumpkin-themed mugs and dishes.

For an added eerie touch, try sticking some paper bats on your kitchen wall or festooning the countertop with orange-toned string lights!

Cute Halloween Doorway

If you’re looking for even more spaces in your home to transform for Halloween, try decorating your doorway for the holiday!

We’re obsessed with the way this doorway takes a super cutesy, feminine approach to Halloween decor. 

The spooky ghost doormat is classic Halloween, but the pink and white rug and adorable pink decorative pumpkins add a cute and girly twist

Spooky Autumnal Vibes

If cutesy Halloween decor isn’t really your vibe, you might prefer this more spooky, autumnal, atmospheric Halloween home decor. 

Our favorite thing about this Halloween decoration inspo is the framed oil painting of a tree in autumn, decked out with gorgeous orange leaves. 

The orange in the painting coordinates beautifully with the orange leaves of the branches in the vase, as well as the decorative pumpkins!

Cozy Halloween Bedroom Decor

This Halloween bedroom inspiration is perfect for the girl who’s dedicated to having the ultimate cozy girl autumn. 

With just a few simple added touches, like a Halloween-themed blanket, pumpkin patterned throw pillow, and jack o’ lantern-shaped plushy, you can easily give your bed a super festive and autumnal vibe. 

Plus, decorative paper bats on the walls and a garland of faux autumn leaves draped over the mirror add an extra seasonal touch!

Headless Horseman-Themed Decor

This Headless Horseman-themed Halloween decor idea is the perfect burst of inspiration for anyone who’s obsessed with a goth, dark academia aesthetic. 

You can easily DIY the framed art on the wall with some thrifted picture frames covered in black paint, cuttings of newspaper or old books, and if you’re feeling extra spooky, a fake spider or two. 

The candle holder, which is just a normal taper candle stuck in a repurposed glass bottle, is also super easy to DIY. 

Spooky Bookshelf Decorations

If a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf is already part of your normal apartment decor, it’s super easy to transform it into a spooky Halloween bookshelf with just a few added touches. 

Instead of your normal bookends, try placing some faux or real pumpkins on your bookshelf for an easy Halloween vibe. 

To take the spooky atmosphere to another level, buy some faux cobwebs and stretch them over each shelf of the bookshelf to make your apartment look eerie and haunted!

Halloween Cottagecore Aesthetic

This super cozy nook is the perfect blend of Halloween decor and one of our favorite decorating trends, the cottagecore aesthetic. 

To transform a normal armchair, all you need is a variety of different autumnal-themed throw pillows featuring slightly spooky elements like crows and pumpkins. 

Balance out the spooky throw pillows with some plainer, less obviously Halloween-y elements like a beige throw blanket and some floral throw pillows.

Sunny Halloween Living Room Inspo

If your living room gets a lot of natural light, that’s a blessing, but it can be hard to transform such a sunny space into a Halloween-appropriate environment. 

We love the way this living room leans into the natural sunlight, juxtaposing the brightness of the room against classic Halloween decorations like autumn leaves, jack o ’lanterns, and even a cluster of witch hats dangling from the ceiling. 

If you have a smart TV, you can also take a cue from this living room and change the wallpaper to a picture of some pumpkins for an easy extra touch of autumnal spirit!

Spooky Goth Mantel

If your apartment comes with a fireplace and a mantel, that’s a great opportunity to incorporate some goth-inspired Halloween decor ideas. 

We love the spooky cobweb-inspired runner draped over the mantel, which is a fun Halloween-y variation on a traditional lace doily or runner. 

We also like the way that the autumnal garland hanging over the fireplace also features black, allowing it to tie in more seamlessly with the rest of the black decor.

Black and Orange Living Room

Black And Orange Living Room
Source: @spooky.riss

We love the cohesive, coordinated black and orange color scheme of this living room decor!

Orange tones in the throw pillows, throw blanket, leaf garland, and spooky ghost garland add an undeniable Halloween vibe. 

They contrast perfectly with the pre-existing charcoal gray couch, proving that just a few, additional pieces of small decor can easily transform your everyday space!

Spooky Halloween Desk Setup

If you spend a lot of time studying or working at your desk, why not zhuzh it up for the Halloween season along with the rest of your apartment or dorm? 

Try swapping out your normal desk organizers for fun Halloween-themed organizers, like the ghost-shaped pencil holders or the mini ghost-themed lamp. 

You can also create a Halloween-themed mini gallery wall hanging over your desk with some spooky framed wall art and a garland of ghosts, black cats, pumpkins, or autumn leaves!

Understated Halloween Bedroom Decor

If ghost, leaf, or pumpkin patterns are a little too on-the-nose for you, we love the relatively more understated vibe of this Halloween bedroom decor. 

Try swapping out your normal throw pillows and throw blanket for solid black, white, and orange versions to give an autumnal color blocking effect to your bed. 

We also love the sparkly orange tinsel festooned across the shelf over the bed, adding a little bit of extra color and sparkle to the overall look. 

Rustic Halloween Bedroom

We’re in love with the homey, rustic, almost nostalgic overall vibe of this Halloween bedroom decor. 

The star of the show is definitely the array of handmade bedspreads and blankets on the bed, from the gorgeous autumnal quilt to the crocheted throw at the foot of the bed. 

Retro throw pillows, teddy bears, and a shelf full of old-fashioned Halloween tchotchkes perfectly complete the nostalgic vibe, making you feel like you’re a little kid again!

Stranger Things Wall Decor

If you’re counting down the days until the premiere of the new season of Stranger Things, try taking inspiration from your favorite TV show for your Halloween decor. 

To recreate this Stranger Things wall decor, all you need is a string of multicolored Christmas lights and some big, black cutouts of all the letters of the alphabet. 

This is an especially unique, unexpected, but unmistakable decorating idea for your next Halloween party—it’ll be sure to wow and impress all of your guests!

Now that Halloween is right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start planning the ways that you’ll change your decor to reflect the most wonderful time of the year. 

No matter whether your Halloween vibe is spooky, cutesy, goth, minimalist, nerdy, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered. 

Any one of these Halloween decor ideas is sure to put you in the Halloween spirit all fall long!

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