18 Cute and Colorful Pastel Nail Ideas

This article is all about pastel nail ideas.

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Pastel tones are hot all year round, but they’re super hot this summer!

We’re obsessed with pastel tones because they strike the perfect balance between colorful and subdued. 

Plus, they’re super adaptable to your personal style and aesthetic—no matter whether you prefer your nails to be long or short, minimalist or maximalist, edgy or cute, you can totally find pastel manicure inspo that perfectly matches your vibe. 

We’ve rounded up 18 of our favorite cute and colorful pastel nail ideas for the summer 2024 season, giving you the spark of inspiration you need for your next summer manicure!

Cute and Colorful Pastel Nail Ideas

1. Pastel Rainbow Nails

Pastel Rainbow Nails
Source: @agalorynowicz

The words “rainbow nails” might sound super bold and eye catching to you, but these pastel rainbow nails are a subtler, more minimalist take on the theme. 

They feature a nude base, but each nail is painted with an artful pastel squiggle in a different rainbow shade. 

From a distance, this looks like a classic nude manicure, but up close, there’s a subtle pop of color.

2. Simple Pastel Nails

For a simpler take on the pastel rainbow trend, try taking inspiration from this simple pastel nails pic!

Each nail is painted its own pastel shade.

We love the slightly unexpected shades chosen for these simple pastel nails, like pastel neon yellow, mint green, peach, lilac, and sky blue.

3. Short Pastel Nails

Just because you have short nails doesn’t mean you can’t dabble in nail art!

We love the subtle hearts painted on these short pastel nails in shades of pastel blue, purple, yellow, pink, and green. 

Because the hearts are so tiny, and they’re painted on top of a nude base, they’re the perfect subtle pop that’s cute and eye-catching without being too bold. 

4. Pastel Nails with Flowers

Pastel Nails With Flowers
Source: @pegi_nails

These pastel nails with flowers feature alternating shades of pastel pink and blue. 

Most of the nails are painted with a subtle matte nude base, dotted with 3D nail art flowers in an alternating pastel pink and blue pattern. 

Then, two accent nails are painted with glittery nail polish in matching pastel pink and blue!

5. Pastel Nail Art

If you’re not afraid of bold, eye-catching nail art, try taking inspiration from this adorable pastel nail art. 

Each nail is painted with its own elaborate nail art design in vibrant, yet subtle pastel shades. 

We especially love the trendy designs featured in this manicure, like snakeskin, clouds, flowers, and cherries. 

6. Pastel French Manicure

Pastel French Manicure
Source: @lillypalm__

If you’re a fan of a classic French manicure, but are looking to switch things up for the summer, try swapping it out for a pastel French manicure. 

This manicure looks exactly like a traditional French manicure, but with the French tips painted in pale shades of green, yellow, purple, orange, and pink. 

From far away, this manicure looks classic and unremarkable, but once you get closer, the adorable pastel shades reveal themselves.

7. Edgy Pastel Stiletto Nails

Edgy Pastel Stiletto Nails
Source: @nailsbyleonak

If you have an edgier personal style aesthetic, but are still looking to dabble in pastels this summer, try taking inspiration from these edgy pastel stiletto nails. 

They feature a base of aura ombre in colorful shades of purple, yellow, pink, blue, and green. 

Then, each nail has a matching pastel squiggle, speckled with tiny black dots to emulate a robin’s egg. 

8. Gold and Pastel Squiggles

These pastel nails have an added element of bling through the use of sparkling gold glitter nail polish. 

Each nail has a base of matte nude nail polish, painted over with graphic squiggles in pastel shades of purple, pink, yellow, green, and blue, also in a matte finish. 

Outlining each pastel squiggle is a delicate line of gold nail polish, giving an ornate filigree effect!

9. Spring Green Snakeskin French Manicure

If you’re looking for an even cooler, edgier take on a classic French manicure, try this spring green snakeskin French manicure. 

Like a traditional French manicure, each nail is painted with a base of nude nail polish.

The French tips are painted in a subtle snakeskin pattern, all in a pastel spring green shade. 

10. Classic Pastel Pink Manicure

Classic Pastel Pink Manicure
Source: @opi

You truly can’t go wrong with a classic, traditional monochrome manicure. 

If you’re looking for a nail polish shade that’s feminine, classy, and goes with anything, this pastel pink is a surefire hit. 

11. Pastel Chrome Daisy Manicure

Pastel Chrome Daisy Manicure
Source: @nails.by.iz_

This pastel chrome daisy manicure is the perfect blend of trendy, sweet, and subtle. 

Each nail is painted with a subtle nude chrome. 

Then, the tips of most of the nails are painted with a butter yellow chrome in a classic French manicure shape. 

Finally, two accent nails feature sweet little daisies painted in matching white and butter yellow chrome!

12. Icy Blue Chrome Nails

Icy Blue Chrome Nails
Source: @sydbrowny

These icy blue chrome nails are perfect for anyone who’s looking for a less elaborate, but still eye-catching variation on the chrome nail trend. 

They feature nails in a classic almond shape, each painted in an icy pastel blue shade and topped off with a shiny chrome finish.

13. Pastel Southwestern Nail Art

If you want your nails to be like a work of art, try taking this inspiration photo of pastel Southwestern nail art to your next nail appointment!

Some of the nails are painted with a miniature Southwestern sunset landscape, complete with a pastel green cactus. 

Others are painted with pastel sunbursts, stripes, and squiggles that perfectly complement the desert sunset theme.

14. 3D Jelly Pastel Manicure

3d Jelly Pastel Manicure
Source: @amys.clients

We’re obsessed with this 3D jelly pastel manicure, which blends many of the hottest nail trends of 2024. 

Some nails feature a super subtle pastel aura ombre in shades of pastel blue, purple, pink, and peach. 

Then, each nail has its own 3D jelly nail art design painted on top, in designs like bows, flowers, seashells, dots, and stripes. 

15. Blingy Pastel Pink Duck Nails

Blingy Pastel Pink Duck Nails
Source: @gi.naildit._

The McBling Y2K aesthetic is certainly controversial, but if you have the confidence to pull it off, we’re obsessed with the look!

First, the shape of these nails are extended duck nails, which flare out at the tips.

The center of each nail is painted in a shade of pastel pink. 

Finally, the border of each nail is encrusted with blingy rhinestones, making this a bold and eye-catching manicure perfect for anyone who’s nostalgic for the Y2K era.

16. Mint Green Cherry Nails

These mint green cherry nails are another piece of nail art inspiration that perfectly balances boldness with subtlety. 

Each nail features its own design in a soothing shade of mint green, like 3D squiggles, French tips, and snakeskin.

Then, tiny rhinestones dot a couple of accent nails. Our favorite accent rhinestone is definitely the tiny cherry-shaped stone!

17. Lilac Glitter Nails

These lilac glitter nails are a super cute pastel nail idea for people who prefer shorter nails. 

Each nail is painted in a slightly different shade of lilac, giving a little visual interest while still keeping the overall color scheme monochrome. 

Finally, one accent nail is covered in a coordinating layer of chunky lilac glitter!

18. Aura Chrome

Aura Chrome
Source: @nailsssbymeg

These aura chrome nails are super of the moment, combining the aura and chrome trends that have been so hot recently.

Each nail features an aura ombre design, radiating from pastel green to pastel blue. 

Over the top, each nail also features a squiggle or starburst nail art design in a classic shade of silver chrome. 

Finally, to top it all off, each nail also features clear 3D droplets and squiggles that add a super cool water droplet effect!

If you’ve been super into the idea of pastel nails lately, but are having trouble deciding what your next manicure will be, try taking some inspiration from these cute and colorful pastel nail ideas!

We’ve compiled our favorite pastel nail inspiration, which ranges from simple, monochromatic, and minimalist to blingy, elaborate, and ornate. 

With these inspo pics in mind, your next manicure is sure to be a pastel dream!

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