Beachy Room Inspo to Achieve a Coastal Granddaughter Aesthetic

This article is all about beachy room inspo.

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It’s officially summertime!

Now that it’s summer vacation and you suddenly have a lot more time on your hands, you might find yourself with the urge to redecorate your bedroom.

If that’s you, we highly recommend taking inspiration from the beachy room aesthetic and redecorating your space to become a relaxing tropical paradise.

Whether your vibe is more retro swimming pool, coastal granddaughter, or island sunset, we’ve rounded up 17 beachy room inspo ideas that are sure to spark your creative juices.

Every time you enter your room, you’ll feel like you’re spending the day relaxing on a pristine white sand beach!

Beachy Room Inspo

One of the quickest and easiest ways to create a beachy vibe in your dorm or apartment is with some driftwood furniture or decor. 

We love the weathered, rustic, vintage-looking finish on this table. 

It coordinates perfectly with the driftwood mirror hanging directly above!

Seashells are another super easy design element that you can incorporate into your beachy room decor. 

Once summertime rolls around, it’s super easy to find decorative seashells, starfish, and sand dollars at your local craft, interior design, or even dollar store. 

If you really want to get authentic with it, you can even go to the beach and collect your own seashells to create a seashell gallery wall like this one!

3. Turquoise

If you’re trying to transform your bedroom into a beachy paradise, we highly recommend incorporating some turquoise into your color palette. 

Of course, a vibrant turquoise hue evokes the glittering waters and clear sky of a perfect beach day.

We love the way that the turquoise throw pillows and blanket in this beachy bedroom add a fun pop of color that’s super summer appropriate.

A beach-themed doormat helps establish a beachy room aesthetic for your dorm or apartment before you even set foot in the door!

We love this doormat, which looks pretty basic and traditional from far away. 

However, once you get closer and read what it says, you’ll realize that it’s actually beach-themed!

5. DIY Beachy Signs

Beachy signs are an integral part of any beach-themed interior. 

However, if you’re feeling crafty, you can easily DIY your own sign with some plywood and paint, giving yourself an opportunity to exercise your creativity AND save some money. 

We love the way that these beachy signs also incorporate another of our favorite beachy room inspo trends, turquoise!

6. Beach-Themed Posters

If beachy signs are a little too kitschy for your taste, beach-themed posters are another great way to give your room a beachy vibe without being too obvious. 

We especially love these posters because they’re the perfect balance of graphic and colorful with subtle and minimalist. 

They’re the perfect way to express your love of the beach without being too loud or over the top.

7. Beachy Throw Pillows

If you’re looking for one simple interior decorating swap that transforms your space from basic and boring to beachy, we highly recommend switching out the throw pillows on your couch or bed. 

If you normally have plain throw pillows (or even no throw pillows) in your space during the year, investing in a fun, colorful, beach-themed throw pillow can be a great way to spice up your room without too much effort or expense. 

We think this blue heron throw pillow is super cute and makes the perfect finishing touch!

8. Rustic Nautical Decor

For those who are really looking to kick their beachy room decor up a notch, why not try incorporating some rustic nautical decor? 

We love the weather-beaten, lived-in vibes of these decoration pieces, like coils of rope, rustic signs, and cute wooden statues of ducks and herons!

These more nautical design elements are a fun departure from a traditional beachy vibe.

9. Nautical Bathroom Decor

If you’re already in the process of redecorating your apartment to have a beachy vibe, why not extend the aesthetic to your bathroom, as well!

You only need a few easy decor swaps to achieve this nautical bathroom look, like a navy and white striped shower curtain, matching navy and white hand towels, and some nautical-themed decorative vases!

10. Palm Leaves

On the other hand, if a nautical sailor aesthetic isn’t really your vibe, but you’re still interested in an overall beachy room aesthetic, why not opt for some tropical palm tree decor? 

We’re obsessed with the pink and green palm leaf wallpaper in this bedroom, which is the perfect blend of feminine, summery, kitschy, and colorful vibes. 

It looks especially cute juxtaposed against the decorative palm leaf and pastel pink throw pillows on the bed!

11. Neutral Palm Leaf Decor

If pink and green isn’t really your preferred color palette, we also love this more neutral colored palm leaf decor!

One of the easiest ways to achieve this look is to invest in a wicker planter or vase, which contrasts beautifully with a decorative bouquet of faux palm leaves.

Or, if you have a green thumb, you can even grow your own tropical houseplant in a wicker planter!

12. Beachy Scented Candles

It’s not enough for your room to look like a beachy paradise—if you really want the full effect, why not make your room smell like a beachy paradise, too? 

One of the easiest ways to transform your space into a summery oasis is with a beachy scented candle. 

We especially like this hand-poured soy candle, which has a summery scent and a super cute label!

13. Lakeside Cabin Aesthetic

We’re also huge fans of the lakeside cabin aesthetic, which is a woodsier variation on the beachy room aesthetic. 

To achieve this aesthetic in your room, look for decor items like vintage throw pillows, flannel fabrics, and driftwood. 

One of our favorite details in this beachy room inspo pic is the fish-themed lampshade, which adds a little touch of camp to the overall vibe!

14. Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is an absolute must for anyone looking to give their room a beachy makeover. 

Subtle wicker touches, like these wicker headboards and decorative hanging animal heads, add an undeniable beachy vibe to any room.

As an added bonus, they’re neutral-toned, making them super easy to style in a variety of different ways once the summer ends. 

15. Beach View Tapestry

If you live in a dorm room, you probably don’t have as much leeway to completely redecorate your room as someone who lives in their own apartment.

If that’s you, no worries! You can still achieve a super beachy dorm room aesthetic with a simple addition, like this beach view tapestry.

Hanging up a beachy tapestry on your wall is an instant infusion of beachy vibes, allowing you to wake up every morning to an image of the beach at sunrise!

16. Tropical Couch

If you’re on the hunt for some beachy living room inspo, look no further!

We love the vibrant colors and tropical motifs of this living room, which is super summer and lush without being too overtly beach themed. 

The verdant green fabric of the throw on this couch contrasts perfectly with additional summery accents like the cactus and pineapple pillows. 

17. Coastal Cowgirl Dorm

This summer, we’re obsessed with the coastal cowgirl aesthetic, which combines beachy and Western-inspired decor items. 

You can clearly see the “coastal” and “cowgirl” reflected in this beachy room inspo idea, like the cowgirl hat hanging on the wall, the flamingo throw pillow, and the macrame tapestry!

This room just goes to show that you can transform your space into a beachy paradise, no matter whether you live in a dorm or an apartment.

No matter whether your idea of the beach is a tropical island, lake coastline, or something in between, we’ve got the perfect beachy room inspo for you. 

Colorful or neutral, minimalist or maximalist, dorm or apartment, we’ve got you covered!

With these beachy room decor ideas, your living space is about to transform to the beach paradise of your dreams!

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